The Shittiest Federal Courthouse of them ALL

A Tribute to Senior US District Judge Terrence W. Boyle, the North Carolina American BAR and State BAR and all the FBI, US Marshals, ATF, Asst US Attorneys and Court Clerks and Staff that CONTRIBUTED TO THIS STORY


Judge Terrence W. Boyle is OUTTED

Government Viruses Government Sewage

The HARD COLD REALITY of Sewage Viruses Bacteria and Sickness and Death SPEWED ALL OVER AMERICA



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THE REALITY IS VERY SIMPLE …..  It is  a  STATE  and  FEDERAL ISSUEThe Deadly Infectious  Excrement and Urine WASTES are a North Carolina  PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUEThe  Tracking of My Phone and the Investigation Mr. Conti did of Me regarding the VAST POISONING of Lake Champlain was initiated by  FALSE CLAIMS against Me.   I am demanding those Files and Records for a very simple reason ….. The Law Allows Me To.SEE      North Carolina  SWIMMING IN DEADLY INFECTIOUS SEWAGE
IN THE AGE OF THE COVID  VIRUSES and all the other  DEADLY  Bacteria and VIRUSES these issues are a HUGE North Carolina Public Safety Issue   NOT Solely a Federal Matter

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Rising sewer bills, a result of inadequate infrastructure and heavy rainfall, are driving small, rural communities in North Carolina toward bankruptcy. Dozens of small towns are running chronic budget deficits in their sewer system operations.
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Jun 21, 2019 – The biggest challenge facing some North Carolina small towns isn’t declining … in the form of crumbling, leaky pipes, or a dysfunctional sewage.
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Jun 7, 2019 – Failing waters and sewer systems are holding back growth in rural North … Third-world conditions likely if NC doesn’t tackle rural utility crisis.
Eureka NC taken over by state treasurer over sewer problems … › news › article233635952
Aug 7, 2019 – The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer and Local … With town of Eureka drowning in sewage bills, state takes control … “We don’t want to take away anything, but right now the town is in a financial crisis,” she said.
Record rainfall causes major sewage spill in Greensboro … › 2020/02/11 › record-rainfall…

Feb 11, 2020 – Record rainfall causes major sewage spill in Greensboro; equivalent to … A spokeswoman for the NC Department of Environmental Quality said … Experts see a dire warning for North Carolina in new climate crisis numbers.
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Dec 27, 2018 – Polluted flood waters swamped coal ash ponds at power plants. Rising waters engulfed private septic systems in back yards.
Sewage Spilled into Catawba River during North Carolina … › news › briefing-sewage-catawba-river…

sewage Catawba River North Carolina … officials implicated in the water crisis amid reports of a faulty investigation; firefighters in Oregon began initial attacks on …

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 1:51 PM Sipes, Jeff <> wrote:

Afternoon Mr. Witham,

I regret to inform you that we are employed by the State of NC, these events described below are not within our agency and are not something that falls within our area of responsibility.  This appears to be a federal issue that I am not qualified to speak on.


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Mr. Sipes,

As the State of North Carolina  and the United States Government KNOW, Environmental  POISONS like the vast amounts of  RAW SEWAGE from the Sanford Federal Courthouse  ARE EXTREMELY  DEADLY  and  EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  My Work as a First Responder and a Whistleblower  is IN THIS AGE of  Deadly Viruses   EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.   I ask that WHOM EVER IT WAS that was making  COMPLAINTS and FALSE  REPORTS against Me, and that ALL My Records and Files, CLOSED INVESTIGATIONS be made available to Myself.    SEE THIS LETTER to the  State Health and Environmental Departments  and the  US  Government.  Yourself TOM CONTI and His US Marshal Partner are MATERIAL WITNESSES.

The Inspector General report said federal authorities knew about the problem as early as 2012.


Raleigh federal building has been sending sewage into waterways for years, report says

DEADLY VIRUSES Sanford Federal Courthouse

SwampFox <>
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to Louann, trey.gowdy, Wise.Allison, Jenkins.Brandi, R4Stories, Esq., Annette, anna.gurney, awagner, draynor, tbrown, baldridge, OIG_PublicAffairs, GSA.FOIA, Katie, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Tracy, bcc: tracey_peake, bcc: Esq.

I would also add that ALL Buildings in NC that Dump Bacteria and Virus Laden RAW SEWAGE are a DISGUSTING Example of the disregard for the Public Health Welfare and Safety. I specifically demand a FEE WAIVER as the information, files and records are IN THE PUBLIC INTERESTS and will be FREELY DISSEMINATED over OUR NETWORKS and MEDIA SITES

The Federal Courts in Raleigh with all Federal Law Enforcement and Lawyers that have perpetrated the RAW SEWAGE for 50 Years are DISGUSTING. The idea that the Federal Judges and Asst US Attorneys , FBI, ATF, US Marshals etc etc et al and the ENTIRE FEDERAL BAR are behind this staggers the mind.

In this day and age of DEADLY BACTERIA AND VIRUSES the files on ALL OTHER Federal and State Government Facilities and generally other SEWAGE DUMPERS in North Carolina THOSE RECORDS are DEMANDED. Sanford Federal Courthouse has been doing this for 50 Years and it is an OUTRAGE.

I specifically demand a FEE WAIVER and an EXPEDITED production of all the Photographs, Emails, Letters, Records and Files on Raleigh’s Federal Courthouse. The records for North Carolina and the other US States that do these SEWAGE OVERFLOW POISONINGS are as well DEMANDED.

SEE NC Sewage Crisis

SEE Sewage Overflows United States

It is ABUNDANTLY OBVIOUS That these Government Operations have caused MILLIONS to be exposed, contract disease and the DEATH TOLL must be a NATIONAL DISGRACE

The Inspector General report said federal authorities knew about the problem as early as 2012.

Raleigh federal building has been sending sewage into waterways for years, report says
The Inspector General report said federal authorities knew about the problem as early as 2012.  

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 3:39 PM Sipes, Jeff <> wrote:

Mr. Witham,

My name is Jeff Sipes.  I am Tom Conti’s Chief.  How may I be of assistance to you?  My contact information is below.  Thank you.

Jeffrey W Sipes

Chief of Operations

Special Operations Intel Unit

2020 Yonkers Road MSC 4281

Raleigh, NC 27520-4281

Office: 984-204-2889

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