Lake Ontario Moses Sanders Dam vs Dam 230

“The Sewage Flusher ” on Lake George

The very same destruction processes of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence DESTROYED the Witham Family Marina on Lake George as the State of New York and International POWER & PAPER Controlled the Sewage Flushing on the POOPCHUTE River to Fort Ticonderoga. The Very Same Destruction Mechanism as the Moses Sanders Dam. What is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR is very very simple …. The Mill Pond Lake George is Systematically FLUSHED with Environmental Draw Downs Every Year to this very Day …. JBW

The New York Governor’s Office and the Director of DEC Basil Seggos WHAT is the Difference between Lake George Flushes and Erratic Winter and Spring Water Levels on Lake George and the Erratic Water Levels involving the MOSES SANDERS DAM ? Where are the Damage Reimbursements for the Destruction of the Witham Family Marina ?

Governor Cuomo Directs NYS DEC to Sue the IJC for Water Level Management on Lake Ontario

Governor Cuomo Directs NYS DEC to Sue the IJC for Water Level Management on Lake Ontario

WHAT is the difference between Docks and Boat Houses being destroyed on Lake George vs Lake Ontario ?

PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY DOCKS AND BOATHOUSES On Lake Champlain are Any Different than the Witham Family Marina



NYS DEC Litigation Claims International Joint Commission Destruction of Marinas

The Vast Profits to the Hydro Electric Investors and Polluters ….. Ah The Investors


Lets Look at the Banksters and Who are STUFFING Their Pockets

About NYPA:

NYPA is the nation’s largest state public power organization, through the operation of its 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. NYPA uses no tax money or state credit. It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity.

Lets Follow the BANKSTERS, INVESTORS and The MAFIA of the North Country of New York

Governor Cuomo Announces Renewed 15-Year Partnership Between …
https://www.governor.ny.gov › news › governor-cuomo-announces-renew…

Aug 24, 2018 – “The MosesSaunders Dam is an engineering marvel that provides clean, … the Governor’s $5 billion investment in clean energy technology and … sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity.

Moses-Saunders Power Dam – WikiVisually
https://wikivisually.com › wiki › Moses-Saunders_Power_Dam

The MosesSaunders Power Dam, short for Robert Moses-Robert H. Saunders … Constructed between 1954 and 1958, the dam created Lake St. Lawrence and is ….. is an elongated naturally occurring ridge or artificially constructed fill or wall, …

Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the … Congress
https://books.google.com › books
United States. Congress 
– 1952 – ‎LawI have selected the name of one bank each in Chicago and New York. … We all know of the opposition to the StLawrence seaway that comes from Boston. … England Electric System; president and director of International Hydroelectric System; vice president and … It is simply because they have money invested elsewhere.


Lets Consider All The Septic Tanks that Leach and Drain Into the Lake 

The Vast Profits to the Hydro Electric Investors and Polluters ….. Ah The Investors

International Joint Commission and Lake George DOCK and BOAT HOUSE DESTRUCTION …. The WHOLE TRUTH Of Boathosue and Dock, Island and Shoreline Damage on Lake George EXPOSED’


THE TRUTH IS LOOSE https://adirondackslakegeorgefreepress.wordpress.com/nys-dec-litigation-claims-international-joint-commission-destruction-of-marinas/

Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Dan Stec, Senator Betty Little, Judge John Hall, Sheriff James LaFarr, NYS DEC, David Wick, Roger Smith …. Lake George Park Commission, FUND For Lake George, US ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS …. Lake ICE and Lake Levels from THE SMARTEST LAKE IN THE WORLD ” Dam A ” Dam 230 repeatedly DESTROYED The Witham Marina ….. The SAME WAY Lake Ontartio is being DESTROYED


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Anita Witham My Parents

Maybe Lake Ontario would benefit from Judson Witham taking Over the Operations ?

PRECISELY THE SAME DESTRUCTION THAT WIPED OUT MY PARENTS by New York State and International Power & Paper’s DAM # 230 AKA Damned Dam “A”

Yah CAN’T Make this Crap Up https://youtu.be/bR-hf9x7wVo The Real SHIT CREEK on Lake George The True Adirondacks Lake Champlain Story of the Authentic Shit Creek …. https://www.bing.com/search?q=poisoning+lake+george+flushing+champlain&go=Search&q…

New York State SUES Over Destructive HIGH Lake Water

DEC Take Note

The HARD COLD FACTS https://youtu.be/J220xK8ViJw YOUTUBE.COMProperty Destruction NYS DEC Judge John Hall Sheriff LaFarr The SAME DESTRUCTIVE FORCES ….. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6465241-New-York-State-DEC-v-IJC.html

The immense DESTRUCTION OF LAKE FRONT PROPERTIES, SHORELINE, MARINA DOCKS and BULKHEADS …… Exactly the same damages caused by Dam # 230 on Lake George …. The very same DESTRUCTIVE FORCES that decimated the Witham Marina again and again and again THE Dam “A” owned and operated by NYS Dam 230 DESTROYED The Witham Marina.

DEC/NYS Sues International Joint Commission LAKE LEVELS Property Destruction

The Marina and Dock Damages on Lake Ontario are IDENTICAL to what happened to the Witham Family Marina as Lake George the MILL POND has been repeatedly FLUSHED and REFILLED during Lake Ice Conditions ….. JBW

DOCUMENTCLOUD.ORGNYS v IJC Civil action filed by New York state DEC against the International Joint Commission for ( Marina Businesses ) damages related to Lake Ontario shoreline flooding in 2017 and 2019. The complaint was filed Oct. 9, 2019 in New Yorkhttps://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6465241-New-York-State-DEC-v-IJC.html?fbclid=IwAR1aETNib13csn4f1oKjxEVNDSDz09jqhUbuDlfApwgdMMe98FAzjcZpABs

DEC and New York State LOSING Marinas EXACTLY LIKE The Witham’s Marina at Lake George was DESTROYED by New York State’s Dam at Ticonderoga

SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com>10:00 AM (2 minutes ago)
to Thomas.berkman, georgia, Travis, 4thJudicial, Margaret, Brian, Kristy, Margaret, Marisa, Rose, Kim, kmoore, Annette, Lake, gcraig, Ellen, richard, Richard, Sarah, Jacqueline, John, James

Dear Mr. Berkman,  Governor Cuomo, Basil Seggos  etc etc Et Al.

Regarding  LAKE ONTARIO LITIGATION https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6465241-New-York-State-DEC-v-IJC.html
Widespread and Immense PROPERTY DAMAGES and Ice and Water Levels on Lake George  LIKE  Lake Ontario  is  precisely the focus of many years of research and investigation  OF LAKE GEORGE and LAKE CHAMPLAIN.
Like the IJC  and the Lake Ontario Litigation,  WIDESPREAD  MARINA  DAMAGES and destruction of other Commerce  LIKE the  Fisheries on Lake Champlain is precisely the nature of My Case regarding the  UPs and DOWNS of  Flushing  Lake George of it’s contaminated waters.

I ask that DEC and Your Office  keep all Your Files  OPEN to the Public and that DEC realize  the UPs and DOWNS  on Lake George being used to FLUSH the  Ticonderoga Creek  ( LaChute River )  Caused   IMMENSE  Destruction of the Witham’s Marina on Harris Bay  MANY YEARS IN A ROW.    Yes  the  DOWNS and UPS  with Ice on Lake George  have caused BILLIONS in Damages.

Judson Witham


———- Forwarded message ———
From: SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 11:27 PM
Subject: NYS v IJC. Lake George Property Damages ….. Hmmmm
To: georgia bain <Georgiabn@yahoo.com>, Travis Whitehead <travis.whitehead@gmail.com>, Phillips, Margaret <mphillip@usgs.gov>, <pohnig@aol.com>
Cc: Phillips, Margaret <mphillip@usgs.gov>, Brian Mann <brian@ncpr.org>, Miller, Kristy <millerk@warrencountyny.gov>, Mannix, Margaret <mmannix@lakegeorgetown.org>, Marisa Muratori <mmuratori@lakegeorgetown.org>, Rose Mellon <RoseM@queensbury.net>, Kim Hogan <kdhogan@ymail.com>, <kmoore@poststar.com>, Annette CIV USARMY USACE (US) <Annette.Baden@usace.army.mil>, Lake George Village Clerk <lgvclerk@nycap.rr.com>, <gcraig@poststar.com>, Ellen Brown <inglesferry@gmail.com>, richard grover <rwgrover2@gmail.com>, Richard Hayes Phillips <richardhayesphillips@yahoo.com>, Sarah Witham <sarahwitham89@gmail.com>, Jacqueline R. Birchfield Dennison <djbirchfield48@gmail.com>, John Warren <adkalmanack@gmail.com>, LaFarr, James A. <James.LaFarr@warrencountysheriffny.us>


Lake George Park Commission, DEC New York State NO LONGER Can You Hide and Secret THE FACTS

The ANNUAL FLUSHING Of The Sewage and Chemical Contaminated Lake

Warren County, Queensbury, Lake George NY


The Long Long Long History of Island, Boathouse, Shoreline and Dock Destruction is well known to New York and Warren County / Queensbury Officials, THE FACTS associate with all the Lake Flushings can NO LONGER BE SECRETED …… Warren County Board of Supervisors, Queensbury Town Council, LGPC , Lake George Association FUND FOR LAKE GEORGE …… The SMARTEST Lake In The World

Poisoning Lake George – The Flooding Toxins and Sewage | The …
https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com › poisoning-lake-george-f…

Flush Flush Flush FLUSHING Lake George and Poisoning Lake Champlain … … Sewage and Chemicals Filled Waters of Lake George New York, The DAM …

Questions for Lake George and NY State Officials LGPC RPI …
https://toxiczombiedevelopments.wordpress.com › questions-for-lake-geor…

Mar 4, 2019 – Dilution is the Solution to the SEWAGE in Lake George Lake Flushing LAKE GEORGE NEW YORK. Dumping the LaChute River CRAP into …

Poisoning Lake Champlain FLUSHING Lake George – Law for the …
https://laymanslaw.home.blog › poisoning-lake-champlain-flushing-lake-g…

Poisoning Lake George – The Flooding Toxins and Sewage … Sewage and Chemicals Filled Waters of Lake George New York, The DAM Facts and the …You’ve visited this page many times. Last visit: 9/19/19

Communities around Lake George working to flush sewer plant …
https://poststar.com › news › local › communities-around-lake-george-worki…

Apr 13, 2015 – While the Lake George waste water treatment plant is the biggest … “Our lake is important to the economy of the state of New York, and we’re …

Lake George gets $500K to help fix polluting sewage plant – Times …
https://www.timesunion.com › business › article › Lake-George-gets-500K…

Jul 25, 2019 – Lake George Village Mayor Bob Blais is interviewed at his office on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, in Lake GeorgeN.Y. He is the state’s longest …

Village gets federal help with aging sewage plant fouling Lake George …
https://dailygazette.com › article › 2019/07/25 › village-gets-federal-help-…

Jul 25, 2019 – LAKE GEORGE — The village of Lake George will receive a … Schumer called the lake “one of the most breathtaking natural treasures in all of New York state and a … See Lake George Flushing the Pee and the Pooh too.

Lake George Sewage Flushing – Page Profile – Spreely
https://www.spreely.com › page › LakeGeorgeFlusherGate

HOW MANY BILLIONS OF GALLONS NOW ? The Hard Cold FACTS of How Vermont and New York State use Lake George and Lake Champlain for SEPTIC …

Sewage overflows heighten budget debate – Adirondack Explorer
https://www.adirondackexplorer.org › explorer_reports › sewage-overflow…

Mar 25, 2019 – More than 6 billion gallons of sewage overflowed treatment systems to contaminate New York … sewage overflowed pipes and treatment plants, most going into New York’s waterways, during … Some were in the Adirondacks, a few on Lake Champlain. … State grants to help address Lake George sewage.

Images for Sewage Flushing Lake George NY

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Teflon and Skulldugger LAKE GEORGE A Shit Storm

SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com>12:25 PM (3 hours ago)
to news, news, news, New, Travis, John, georgia, billie, Ellen, Kristy, LakeGeorge, Lake, Supervisor, Ken, gcraig, kmoore, Sarah, Gerry, Esq., James, Jacqueline, Brian, Annette, pohnig

SO  Warren County Uses  TEFLON to  Help all the Lake George SEPTIC TANKERS  Flush Lake George  Pee and Pooh down the PoopChute River ?
SKULLDUGGERY  and  TEFLON  …..  I suppose that Makes The GIANT SHITTER  Flush Better

I am CERTAIN The Smartest Lake in the World  is well aware of all the  SHIT FLUSHING  like David Wick, Roger Smith, Sheriff LaFarr, Travis Whitehead, Bud York, DA Hogan as well as the  Queensbury Town Board and Warren County Supervisors as well as  DA  Carusone and Judge John Hall …. OH AND ASK  AMY BARTLETT  She Knows  Damned Dam  Well.

LAKE GEORGE WARRIORS Can’t Be Beat  https://adirondackslakegeorgefreepress.wordpress.com/lake-…/ADIRONDACKSLAKEGEORGEFREEPRESS.WORDPRESS.COMLake George New York … Lake Champlain NY POISONING the Adirondacks Essex County, Washington County, Warren County THE JIG IS UP Flushing Lake George THE…

On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 11:54 AM SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com> wrote:
I would suggest ,   Judge John Hall,  Sheriff James LaFarr and District Attorney Carusone  with David Decker’s Lawyers

The  SHIT SWIRLING AROUND LAKE GEORGE and the  SCREW JOB of Clifford and Anita Witham  and the Witham Family is  NEVER GOING AWAY.
The DEC and Lake George Park Commission with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Queensbury, Warren County and the State of New York   KNOW  That 10 Million Dollar  West Brook Swamp is  MINISCULE to the  SHAFTING  Anita and Clifford Witham endured.

The STATE OF NEW YORK needs to RETURN the Witham  Family Property
Flushing Lake George for all these DECADES was a NEW YORK STATE OPERATION and The Lake Drawdowns and DOCK and ISLAND, Boathouse and Shoreline Damages  CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN
On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 4:40 AM SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com> wrote:
So hmmmmmm David Decker’s Swamp of Political Intrigue involves Political Skullduggery in Warren County DA’s Office and in Judge John Hall’s Court …… Maybe Kathy Bazony would care to explain with Tom West and oh say Warren County Supervisors and Travis Whitehead ?

The Poisoning of Lake Champlain ….. 800 TONS Daily for Decades …
https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com › 2015/08/10 › the-poiso…

Aug 10, 2015 – THE POISONING OF LAKE GEORGE AND LAKE CHAMPLAIN EXPOSED NOTICE TO … This is How NEW York Flushes Their POLLUTION …You’ve visited this page many times.

Poisoning Lake George – The Flooding Toxins and Sewage | The …
https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com › poisoning-lake-george-f…

Lake George Outlet Dam (Inventory Number NY 230), Lake Champlain River Basin, ….. Lake George NY Flushing the Leachate Poisoning Lake Champlain.You’ve visited this page many times.

Poisoning Lake Champlain FLUSHING Lake George – Law for the …
https://laymanslaw.home.blog › poisoning-lake-champlain-flushing-lake-g…

International Paper Company, Glens Falls, N. Y.; George S. Witham, Jr., in charge of …. Lake George Sewage Adirondack Lake FLUSHING THE … –

Questions for Lake George and NY State Officials LGPC RPI …
https://toxiczombiedevelopments.wordpress.com › questions-for-lake-geor…

Mar 4, 2019 – Flushing the CRAP of Lake George NY to Champlain … …. Sewage Flushing Poisoning Lake George Lake Champlain –

https://www.facebook.com › bfpnews › posts › flushing-new-yorks-polluti…

Jan 27, 2017 – Lake George Park Commission info@lgpc.state.ny.us. Town of Lake George … Aug 10, 2015 · The Poisoning of Lake Champlain ….. 800 TONS …Lake George Sewage Flushing – Page Profile – Spreely
https://www.spreely.com › page › LakeGeorgeFlusherGate

The Massive Poisoning of Lake George and Lake Champlain This is the page view page. Spreely.com, The Social Network For Free People. No Censorship, No …

Lake George New York … Lake Champlain NY POISONING the …
https://adirondackslakegeorgefreepress.wordpress.com › lake-george-lake-…

Andrew Cuomo EMPIRE STATE and the Lake George Land Conservancy, 2:16 PM (1 … Lake George NY Flushing the Leachate Poisoning Lake Champlain …

An open door for invaders on Lake George? – Adirondack Explorer
https://www.adirondackexplorer.org › stories › lake-george-invasive-speci…

Apr 30, 2019 – Lake George is separated from Lake Champlain by just over two miles … But the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, which …

Lake George NY Flushing the Leachate Poisoning Lake Champlain …
https://vimeo.com › Isacc Witham › Videos▶ 14:28

Mar 8, 2017 – Uploaded by Isacc WithamFor decades the State of New York complained of Dock and Boat House, Island and Shoreline Damages …

[PDF]Untitled – Office of the Vermont Attorney General
https://ago.vermont.gov › 2018/02 › 2017-05-08-Witham-PRA-request

May 8, 2017 – of Lake Champlain, see State of VERMONT V. State of NEW YORK et al. … Commission’s Records on the FLUSHING of Lake George are Material … TOXIC SLUDGE throughout Lake Champlain ( It’s a Continuing Poisoning).

Lake George New York THE MILL POND SAGA | Trillions Looted …


Lake George is a MILL POND The Meadows , Fields and Farm Land North of Harrisena in Northern Queensbury between Ridge RoadBay Road and North of the Pickle Hill Road are MASSIVELY and ARTIFICIALLY Flooded.

Lake George Pinhole #230 The Mill Pond TOILET FLUSHER …

Oct 04, 2019 · David Decker, Lake George Sewage, Adirondacks Sewage, Glens Falls Sewage, Lake George Sewage, Lake Champlain Sewage, Jason Darusone, Sheriff James LaFarr, ht…

  • Author: Jud Witham
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Images of Lake George Dam 230 The MILL POND


Image result for Lake George Dam 230 The MILL POND
Image result for Lake George Dam 230 The MILL POND
Image result for Lake George Dam 230 The MILL POND
Image result for Lake George Dam 230 The MILL POND

See more images of Lake George Dam 230 The MILL POND



WATER SEICHES are Abundantly noted in the Lake George Mirror Report dated June 17th, 1911 by E.S. Casselman and William H. Burnett of Lake George. This FOIL concerns the LARGE Water Seiche caused by the Dam # 230 ( Dam “A” at the LaChute River in Weedville AKA Ticonderoga.

Lake George NY Man Made MILL POND an Adirondacks Mystery …


Crime Scene, Lake George The Mill Pond; HIDING the Lake George PINHOLE the Continuing Nuisance; It seems I was ALWAYS Correct …. hmmm; Lake George NY Hide the Pee and Hide the Pooh To; Lake George A DEEPER LOOK at a Filthy Mess … The Gauntlet is Down … NAME OF DAM –LAKE GEORGE OUTLET DAM ID# – NY 230. SECTION …..

Flusher Gates LAKE GEORGE NY | The Adirondacks Conspiracy


I am specifically seeking information on Dam230 also known as the Dam “A” at the North End of Lake George, NY. ! am looking for records that show what improvements in construction and performance were accomplished by the REBUILD.The Records that reveal what was done to UPGRADE the Dam that was just a couple years later RATED and UNSAFE …

Hiding the Secreted Crimes In David Decker’s Swamp … Crime …


The Lake George Mill Pond ICE SHEET and WATER Levels controlled and operated by Systems Property, Enel Power and Now Green Mountain Power along with the OWNERS and OPERATORS of the Dam # 230 at LaChute River have caused untold BILLIONS in Damages on Lake George …

Complete Lake George History | The Adirondacks Conspiracy


The PINHOLE operations of the Dam #230 being fulling corroborated by US Army Corp of Engineers and the Lake George Park Commission ( The State of New York Owns and Operates Dam A ) The very long history of Boathouse, Island, Shoreline, Bulkhead and Dock damage caused by FLUCTUATING Winter Water and Ice Levels has been the focus of NEW YORK STATE AG Litigation as well as many …

Lake George NY History THE WAR FOR THE LAKES

Lake George NY History THE WAR FOR THE LAKES



Morristown marinas deal with deluge, debris & damage – WWNY
https://www.wwnytv.com › 2019/05/28 › morristown-marinas-deal-with-del…
May 28, 2019 – It can damage boats and injure boaters. It’s one reason so many are hesitant to put their boats in the water this year. Lake Ontario is expected to …With Lake Ontario Flooding, Oswego Marina Closes | WSKG
https://wskg.org › news › with-lake-ontario-flooding-oswego-marina-closes

Jun 4, 2019 – With Lake Ontario Flooding, Oswego Marina Closes … has surpassed its 2017 record, which caused millions of dollars in damages to Oswego.Potentially ‘millions’ in damage to Oswego from Lake Ontario | WRVO …
https://www.wrvo.org › post › potentially-millions-damage-oswego-lake-o…

Aug 10, 2017 – Potentially ‘millions’ in damage to Oswego from Lake Ontario … This dock detached from the Oswego International Marina during a recent …Rising Lake Ontario Waters Has Sandy Creek Marina Worried
https://spectrumlocalnews.com › nys › watertown › news › 2019/04/30 › ri…

Apr 30, 2019 – Rising Lake Ontario Waters Has Sandy Creek Marina Worried … that caused substantial coastline damage in the spring and summer of 2017.High water causes problems for marinas, fishing | News | nny360.com
https://www.nny360.com › news › high-water-causes-problems-for-marinas-…
May 26, 2017 – The high water levels in Lake Ontario, coupled with westerly winds, have … May 1 and “many marinas and camps have seen a lot of damage.”.

Images for Lake Ontario MARINA Damages

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City of Oswego submits plan to improve marinas, shoreline | Oswego …
https://www.nny360.com › news › city-of-oswego-submits-plan-to-improve-…
Aug 10, 2019 – City of Oswego submits plan to improve marinas, shoreline … the shoreline of Lake Ontario, causing millions of dollars in damage and wreaking …Lake Ontario water levels, at highest in 100 years, damage homes
https://www.usatoday.com › story › news › nation-now › 2017/05/30 › lake-…
May 30, 2017 – GREECE, N.Y. — Homeowners dealing with the highest water levels on Lake Ontario in 100 years of record keeping will receive $7 million in …Lake Ontario flooding 2019: Another lakeshore flood warning issued
https://www.democratandchronicle.com › story › news › 2019/05/28 › lake-…
May 28, 2019 – Strong winds, waves prompt new flood warning for Lake Ontario shoreline Friday … Waves generated by west winds tend to do the most damage at the … Brian Noger, employee at Arney’s Marina in Sodus Point, hands the …Residents await recovery efforts as anger and water linger on Lake …
https://www.politico.com › states › new-york › albany › story › 2017/08/30

Aug 30, 2017 – Record flooding on Lake Ontario’s shores badly damaged the family-owned Green Point Marina and Mobile Home Park.

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