STABLE ICE STABLE WATER LAKE GEORGE NY Lake ONTARIO to the St. Lawrence Stop the Lake Flushing Sewage Galore




1500 Acres of Sewage and Sludge on the Bottom of Lake Champlain

The Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River ….. THE MILL PONDS of DESTRUCTION

The Artificial control over the Lakes and Rivers began in the period of 1802 with the Upper Privilege Dam of Judge Issac Kellogg on Lake George at the Top of the LaChute River. Now for 218 the UPS and DOWNS on Lake George NY have caused innumerable damages . The Physical Operations of Damned Dam 230 on Lake George and it’s history reveals that what is happening on the Great Lakes is NOT very complicated. PONDING WATER for the Generation of Wealth for the 1% and Wall Street is a very simple yet OLD GAME in the North Country.

Judson Witham – Son of the Swamp Fox



The Exact Same Rackets played out on Lake George NY Since the early 1800s

Who’s Getting PAID OFF ?


The Money Making Rackets on the Saint Lawrence River and the HYDRO DAM ( The Pinhole in the Great Lakes ) is the identical same SCAM and CON that has gone on on Lake George and the La Chute River since the earliest days of the KINGDOM of Great Britain and the Land Grants to Dartmouth College and the Wentworths at Weedville ( Ticonderoga ) adjacent the Carrying Place from Lake George to Lake Champlain. SEE Dam # 230 “AKA” Dam “A” and the Mill Pond Operations on Lake George ….. JBW

Lake Levels Property Destruction on Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario St Lawrence River – BIG FLOODS and the BIGGEST BUCKS … Flushing Lake George DEC’s LGPC’s BIG 

SwampFox10:08 AM (5 minutes ago)
This is a FOIL Demand Dear NEW YORK STATE, GOVERNOR CUOMO, AG JAMES, DEC Director Basil Seggos, Lake George Park Commission, Lake George LIKE Lake Ontario has f
Judson Witham10:13 AM (1 minute ago)
to georgia, nyag.pressoffice, me, info, Brian, Ellen, Margaret, To:, Lakegeorgemirror, kmoore, Gwendolyn, Sarah, info, Lglc

On Monday, December 16, 2019, 10:09:24 AM EST, SwampFox <> wrote:

This is a  FOIL DemandDear  NEW YORK STATE,  GOVERNOR CUOMO, AG  JAMES,  DEC Director  Basil Seggos,  Lake George Park Commission,

Lake George  LIKE  Lake Ontario has for decades been used by INTERNATIONAL  POWER and PAPER to  Flush Sewage, Mill Wastes and to Generate  Billions in Profits for the  STATE OF NEW YORK  and International Power and Paper  Et Al.
Like the  Property  Destruction on Ontario and The Saint Lawrence Seaway,  Clifford and Anita Witham’s  Marina on Lake George was destroyed 5 Years in a Row causing My Parents to LOSE EVERYTHING  They Had Worked for.The  Witnesses and Facts associated with Sewage and Industrial Wastes Flushing on Lake George / LaChute River is the IDENTICAL  SCENARIO as the  Property Destruction by Moses sanders Dam on Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence Seaway.
I want the  RECORDS on the  Dam 230  or  DAM  “A”   Operations involving  NYS  Since 1957  and FLUSHING  of Sewage from Ticonderoga down The La Chute River  and  Flushing  Chemicals and  Mill Wastes  by  New York State and International Power and Paper  Et Al. to the area in front of Fort Ticonderoga.
I want the  Contact information for  ALL  Lawyers and Courts regarding the  State of  New York VS the  International Joint Commission and  Up and Down and Up and Down  ”  PONDING WATER  ”  on Lake Ontario.   I also want the State’s Records on International POWER and PAPER as well as  the Town and Village of  Ticonderoga using Lake George to FLUSH all this  MESS.
I also want the State of  New York and International Power and Paper to RETURN to My Family Our Marina at Harris Bay on Lake George and I want NYS and International Power and Paper to PAY REPARATIONS for the Flooding and Ice Damages they caused MY PARENTS.
This is a  FOIL Demand as well as  a  Claim for  REPARATIONS as  Clifford and Anita Witham and Family’s  Marina on Lake George was repeatedly Destroyed …..  WIPING Clifford and Anita Witham Out Financially  CAUSING  Them to LOSE 600 +  Acres at Harris Bay, Their Marina and Home to  NEW YORK STATE  Judge  Richard Bartlett and His Law Partner  Robert Stewart in January 1970.
The  GIANT FLUSHINGS of Lake George are  NO LONGER A SECRET and The Sewage and Mill Wastes  FLUSHED down Ticonderoga Creek to Fort Ticonderoga  are  EXPOSED.
The Witham Family  need to be  REIMBURSED for all the  Damages  and Their Property MUST BE  RETURNED.


ADIRONDACKSLAKEGEORGEFREEPRESS.WORDPRESS.COMLake Ontario St Lawrence River – BIG FLOODS and the BIGGEST BUCKS … Flushing Lake George DEC’s LGPC’s BIG COMMODE LAKECourt of Appeals: State of New York – Page 86 – Google Books Result › books 

The  MEGA  Lake Flushings are  NO SECRET
poison lake champlain flush lake george – Bing

A FOIL MISSION TO DETERMINE Where all the Campaign Donations and Self Serving Financial Interests Lie …. YES Lets see Who is Generating all the MONEY from Ponded Back Water

ICE and FLOODING Water Damage on Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River and LAKE GEORGE the exact same forces that DEC Caused Repeatedly Destroyed the Witham Marina

ALL The Water every last drop BEHIND THE DAM means BILLIONS in Profits and Damages and Repair Bills …. The entire SCAM is a Profit Machine for the SLOBS that are running it ….. ” AKA Ponding Back Water ” JBW

JUST HOW DEEP The Financial Oligarchs Reign and control the environment at the Commoners expense WILL BE REVEALED ….. Ponded Back Water and the BILLIONAIRES

Moses-Saunders Power Dam of St. Lawrence Power Project Massena

BILLIONS FOR THE BANKSTERS and the INVESTMENT CLASS …. Damages and the Bills for the Commoners

See IJC and Plan 2014 The PINHOLE IN THE BATHTUBS of the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River New York State DEC and the Wall Street CARPET BAGGERS Exposed

The Vast Historical Records State Records Media Records and Court Records AS WELL AS The SUNY Records all show Witham is Correct on these matters.

The DUMPING OF PONDED BACK WATER is hardly complicated

It’s as simple as Pouring a Cup of Coffee

The Nuts and Bolts the very Mechanics of GENERATING Billions in Profits for the BIG CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS

FOIL Demand PONDING BACK WATER Lake George NY and LAKE Ontario St Lawrence River

The New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP) is a program of the Research Foundation for the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY- ESF) whose mission is to facilitate the conservation of New York’s biodiversity by providing geospatial information, database applications, and scientific expertise on rare species, invasive species, and natural ecosystems. NYNHP works in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and other state, federal and private organizations involved in natural resource management, land protection and stewardship, and advancing the conservation of biodiversity.

SwampFox <>
The New York Natural Heritage Program
9:38 AM (0 minutes ago)
to ashley.ballou, julie.hart, steve.young, greg.edinger, matthew.schlesinger, priyanka.swadi, dorothy.evans, tim.howard, elizabeth.spencer, max.henschell, andrea.chaloux, john.marino, emily.cheadle, fiona.mckinney, nick.conrad, jennifer.dean, meg.wilkinson, heidi.krahling, meghan.rickard, emily.runnells, amy.conley, richard.ring, julie.lundgren, matthew.buff, laura.shappell, jeff.corser, erin.white,

Like the Saint Lawrence River , Lake George and the La Chute River are also Damned.   See Dam # 230 “AKA”  Dam  “A”  at the North End of Lake George.

The Lake Level on Lake George is much higher as a result of the  DAM 230 and as such the Wetlands on Lake George are ARTIFICIALLY  FLOODED.

I am seeking DEC and NY State Historical Records on the  Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down  WATER CYCLES  associated with WINTER DRAW DOWN on Lake George.

Also I am seeking records on ENVIRONMENTAL  FLUSHING of Lake George associated with the  MASSIVE  Poisoning of the La Chute River directly related to the  Processing of Vast Amounts of Pulp Wood from the  State’s  Forests.

Also I am requesting the  POWER GENERATION  Records associated with the Processing of the State’s Forests and the Immense Poisoning of the La Chute River and Lake Champlain.

In closing the  ELECTRIC DAMS on the Saint Lawrence Generate immense Profits for the  STATE of  NEW YORK  and in association with the  PONDING BACK of Water on the Great Lakes …. I request the  PROFIT STATEMENTS from all the  ELECTRICITY  SALES from this Ponded Back Water.

THE MILL PONDS  Lake George and The MILL PONDS the Great Lakes certainly have FINANCIALLY  ENRICHED  the  DEC and the State Of New York.  Please provide the records herein requested.

Judson Witham


The VAST Processing of State Forests has always been the cause of the Mass Destruction of the Environment and Private Property on Lake George. The Islands destruction is merely a FRACTION of this Saga of Money and Environmental Destruction directly traceable to NEW YORK STATE and Boat Loads of Money

New York Ticonderoga’s International Paper’s GIANT SHIT …;

Jan 15, 2014 – on audio file revealing that International Paper Company and New York State’s Lawyers ADMIT that Ticonderoga NY and other Industries in New York caused the vast Sludge Bed and Silting (. Contamination ) of Lake Champlain. I have also learned Ticonderoga’s NEW Paper Mill owned by International …

So lets take a look at the VALUE of a Stable Ice Sheet …..

The Never Ending SAGA of Exploiting Water Resources for the Largest Campaign Contributors in NEW YORK and ONTARIO etc etc Et Al

The MONEY FROM THE PINHOLE In The Lake George Bathtub …. The Bathtub and the Pinhole SPECIALLY ENGINEERED to Make Money and FLUSH Sewage and Wastes


Lets EXAMINE the PINHOLES In Lake Ontario ( The Great Lakes ) and The Saint Lawrence RIVER Yes the MILL PONDS


Adirondack Legal History: The Lake George Trespass Case – – The … › 2013/07 › the-lake-george-trespas…

Jul 2, 2013 – The owners of the dam at the northern outlet of Lake George, at Ticonderoga, were controlling the water levels of the lake…as if it were a mill …

The Protracted Legal Actions – The Vast Flooding of Lake George NY … › the-protracted-legal-acti……. SEE The Lake George Trespassing Case. According to New York …

Complete Lake George History | The Adirondacks Conspiracy › complete-lake-george-h…

Sep 27, 2017 – Adirondack Legal History: The Lake George Trespass Case – – The … … Lake George Crime Scene The Mill Pond Cases … A TOXIC MESS …

Case on Appeal Volume II – Pages 781 to 1182 › books
. control of the dam, stores and impounds the waters of Lake George for water … the water levels of Lake George and for its own private gain makes a mill pond of … islands and lands under water and is a trespass on State lands and an injury …

Poisoning Lake Champlain FLUSHING Lake George – Law for the … › poisoning-lake-champlain-flushing-lake-g…

Jud Witham• The Facts of the Mill Pond Lake George … UNVEILED …7:00 …… Adirondack Legal History: The Lake George Trespass Case – – The …

Lake George Crime Scene The Mill Pond Cases … A TOXIC MESS on … › Witham Judson › Videos▶ 31:25
Jul 5, 2015 – Uploaded by Witham JudsonThanks to Vermont State Attorney General Jeffords and Mr. and Mrs. Swamp Fox. Any battle worth fighting is …

Questions for Lake George and NY State Officials LGPC RPI … › questions-for-lake-geor…

Mar 4, 2019 – LAKE GEORGE NY MAN MADE MILL POND AN ADIRONDACKS MYSTERY …. Adirondack Legal History: The Lake George Trespass Case …

NXVIM SEX CULT Controls the HYDRO ELECTRIC BILLIONS IN NEW YORK … The MILL POND Lake Ontario …. Flusher Gate Lake Champlain ….. BILLIONS for WALL STREET and the Governor Of New York and His MOB

The Saint Lawrence River a SEX DRIVEN FRENZY of Wall Street BANKSTERS

The Critical Nature of STABLE ICE in the Spring on Lake George NY

Maybe just possibly Clifford and Anita Witham have always been correct like the thousands of People who are witness to the PINHOLE in the BATHTUB on Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River ….. Judson Witham

The Smartest Lake in the World ….. Well lets TEST that perception

“We are right at the edge of ruination,” said museum director Suzanne Kimmett.

Lake Ontario flooding in 2017

Is climate change to blame for Lake Ontario’s “alarming” water levels?

Historical records show little change in levels this century.

Lake George New York THE MILL POND SAGA | Trillions Looted …

 The Environmental Flushing or Drawdown Practice has occurred at Lake George, NY for many decades even going back into the 1800s.     The Lake has a significant nutrient and phosphate loading from thousands of on site septic tanks.

Lake George Lake Flush Winter Draw Down ….. The UNSTABLE ICE of Lake George NY in the Spring Ice Outs


SwampFox <>10:35 AM (4 minutes ago)
to DanielTedford, Kristy, Margaret, Marisa, StecD, little, info, info, Ellen, georgia, John, Brian

I suppose  David Wick and Ellen Brown and the  RPI, Union College, SUNY Adirondack and ALL the Newspapers and News Media in New York  ESPECIALLY The New York Times  with MILLIONS of Witnesses are aware of the  SEWAGE  ISSUES on Lake George.   CERTAINLY  Kathy Bozony knows as do large numbers of others,
LIKE LAKE ONTARIO  and the SAINT LAWRENCE RIVER ……  Large Amounts of Money are made  PONDING BACK WATER and then FLUSHING  The  Mill Ponds for  MONEY.    NYS  DEC  and  the  Lake George Association  and  FUND for Lake George,  THE LAKE GEORGE PARK COMMISSION  especially David Wick and  Roger Smith  KNOW ALL ABOUT IT ……   Hell  all of  LAKE  GEORGE  and  ALL  of  LAKE  CHAMPLAIN  are  witnesses.

Basil Seggos, Governor  Andrew Cuomo, Lt Governor  Kathleen Courtney Hochul  ……  The Withams  Want PAYMENT for Their Damages. Lake Ontario THE MILL POND Billions for the BANKSTERS Exact Same Story that has been going on Lake George NY for TWO CENTURIES …..



Howard, Tim G (DEC)9:54 AM (33 minutes ago)
Mr Witham, Good morning. Unfortunately, you’ve emailed folks in the NY Natural Heritage Program … we aren’t state employees. We work closely with DEC and so use
SwampFox <>
10:24 AM (4 minutes ago)
to AshleyJulieSteveGregMatthewPriyankaDorothyElizabethMaxAndreaJohnEmilyFionaNickJenniferMegHeidiMeghanEmilyAmyRichardJulieMatthewLauraJeffErinHollie, Tim

I must assume that You are very closely associated with DEC and the  DEC Email Address would indicate that You are a Contractor or Financially supported by New York State.

The  ARTIFICIAL  Flooding of the Lake George Basin caused by  DAM # 230  or  DAM “A” at Ticonderoga directly resulted in Vastly Enlarged  Swamps on Lake George.  I am seeking the information associated with the  PUMP and DUMP  or the  Ponding Back  of Water on the Great Lakes and Yes Lake George.

Thank You Mr. Howard,

The exact same mechanics and operations on Lake George are being employed on the Saint Lawrence River.  The IMMENSE  Poisoning of Lake Champlain using the  FLUSHING Operations of Lake George to carry the Toxins down the La Chute River are very well documented.

WHAT I am seeking is the  Economic Figures for all the  GENERATED  FUNDS from the  Exploitation of these Water Sheds by the State of New York.  OBVIOUSLY the Processing of New York State Forests by International Paper & Power and other such Corporate Interests involves Turning PONDED BACK WATER into Electricity which is in turn the DRIVING FORCE of  Billions in Profits for  LARGE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS and Personal Fortunes.

I would certainly like to know HOW MUCH FUNDING does Your Organization of Scientists receive from New York State and Canadian Power and the  Financial Interests that FUND the  DAMS and HYDRO  GENERATORS and all the  DEC and ENVIRONMENTAL  GROUPS that should be overseeing and monitoring the EXPLOITATION  of the  Lake George, Lake Champlain, Saint Lawrence, Great Lakes  Water Sheds  ?  Obviously  LAKE GEORGE in in the  Saint Lawrence Water Shed.

YES I would ask that  YOUR ORGANIZATION  reveal it’s FUNDING from NYS and CANADA and any other State of Governmental  Sources.

Thank You
Judson Witham

High water in Alexandria Bay: ‘We are right at the edge of ruination … › weather › 2019/07 › high-water-in-ale…

Jul 8, 2019 – High water on in Alexandria Bay on St. Lawrence River … The river and lake levels are dropping from their record highs, but it’s … including here in the self-proclaimed “Heart of the Thousand Islands.” … But then came the flooding of 2017, when high water destroyed one of their stationary docks and forced …

Pamphlets on Forestry in New York › books
Empire State Forest Products Association – 1919
– ‎Forests and forestry49 Shore Line of Eighth Lake Destroyed by Beaver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Lake … 122 Docks and Islands of Lake George Flooded by High Water .

Annual Report – Volume 9 – Page vii – Google Books Result › books
New York (State). Conservation Dept – 1920
– ‎Natural resources… Shore Line of Eighth Lake Destroyed by Beaver 51 Lake Gilead Stocked with … High Water Threatening Lake George Islands 122 Docks and Islands of Lake …

Lake George … The Damned Dam Truth | The Adirondacks Conspiracy › lake-george-the-damne…

Destroying Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boathouses and Docks …. High water in Lake George, caused by the dam at the outlet of the lake, has resulted in …You’ve visited this page many times. Last visit: 7/22/19

LAKE GEORGE NY the Destructive Saga an Adirondacks MAFIA Expose › lake-george-the-destruct…

Oh My Huh Lake George War Breaks Out Between Residents and Army … Destroying Islands, Shoreline, Boat Houses, Docks and Bulkheads … ….. A daily lake level reading higher than the rule curve means that water is discharged from the …

Lake George … The Damned Dam Truth | The Adirondacks Conspiracy › lake-george-the-damne…

Figuring in Water Seich the South end of the Lake would be 2 to 3 feet higher than that …. Destroying Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boathouses and Docks.

Ice cover remains stable at critical… – International Lake Ontario – St … › posts › ice-cover-remains-stable-at-critical-locat…
International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board. February 7 ·. Ice cover remains stable at critical locations on the Beauharnois Canal and Lake St.Water Levels | International Joint Commission › loslrb › lake-st-lawrence › levels

Climate Ice formation on Lake St. Lawrence and the potential for frazil ice generation can have a major effect on regulation of outflows in the StLawrence River. … of a safe and stable ice cover, but modern ice management practices have …

Section 2: Effects of Regulation on Levels and Flows | International … › loslrb › watershed › faq

The main objectives of the StLawrence River hydropower and seaway … 2014, to reduce the flow velocity and accommodate the formation of a stable ice cover.

Annual Report – Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation › books
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation –
1968As originally conceived, the StLawrence Seaway project did not … those winter months when an ice cover normally forms on the StLawrence River. … for winter navigation on the Seaway while still maintaining a stable ice cover on the river.

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway Navigation Season Extension … › books
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. Ice Control Work Group 
– 1973 – ‎Ice on rivers, lakes, etcFiscal Year 1973 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. Ice … assists in the formation and maintenance of a stable ice cover which is necessary to …

International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board – פוסטים | פייסבוק › posts
With the StLawrence Seaway opening on Tuesday, 26 March, outflow was …… Ice cover remains stable at critical locations on the Beauharnois Canal and Lake …

[PDF]NOAA TM GLERL-36. Simulation of ice-cover growth and decay in one … › pubs › tech_reports › glerl-036

by GM Greene – ‎1981 – ‎Cited by 22 – ‎Related articlesMar 1, 2011 – one-dimensional ice cover formed on the StLawrence River. …. of the water flowing into the St. Lawrence, therefore, are much more stable.

Lake Ontario water level update: ‘No obvious lessons’ learned from … › weather › 2018/01 › lake_ontario_wat…

Jan 17, 2018 – … water levels during much of 2017 on the lake and the StLawrence River. … the river needs “a stable ice cover” to prevent ice jams that could …

Regulators push record-breaking water downriver to lower Lake Ontario › news › story › regulators-push-…

Mar 13, 2018 – “Fortunately with the formation of stable ice cover on the St. Lawrence River,” David says, “that’s allowed very high discharges through the …

Ice and iceberg bulletin overview –;

Ice warnings are part of the ice bulletins and provide notice of possible or increased risks of damage to vessels and equipment, and to the safety of marine navigation and marine activities due to ice. The following types of ice warnings may be issued: … St.Lawrence River Ice Bulletins.

  • Great Lakes: December
  • Region: Issue Date

Environmental Geoscience Exam 2 (EarthSC 2203 Ohio State …;

Start studying Environmental Geoscience Exam 2 (EarthSC 2203 Ohio State University). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. … Due to the retreat of the continental ice sheet, the StLawrence River Basin is _____ northwards to Hudson Bay.>> rising. … Loss of life and property damage from a natural …

Images of Stable ice sheet SAINT Lawrence River Property Damage

Image result for Stable ice sheet SAINT Lawrence River Property Damage
Image result for Stable ice sheet SAINT Lawrence River Property Damage
Image result for Stable ice sheet SAINT Lawrence River Property Damage
Image result for Stable ice sheet SAINT Lawrence River Property Damage

See more images of Stable ice sheet SAINT Lawrence River Property Damage

International St-Lawrence River Board of Control

Another dam, located near Long Sault, Ontario, acts as a spillway when outflows are larger than the capacity of the power dam. A third structure at Iroquois, Ontario, is principally used to help to form a stable ice cover and regulate water levels at the power dam. The other projects in the StLawrence River are not supervised by the Commission.

Water level: Lake Ontario drops, but uncertainty continues;

stable ice cover in the StLawrence River allowed Plan 2014 to increase outflow under the ice, and as a result, Lake Ontario levels have fallen below those recorded at this time in 2017.[PDF]

The Devastating 1976 NEPCO 140 – Save The River

The Devastating 1976 NEPCO 140 Oil Spill In the foggy early morning hours of June 23, 1976, the tug Eileen C , pushing the NEPCO 140 barge filled with crude oil, ran aground in the American Narrows off Wellesley Island in the heart of the StLawrence River’s Thousand Islands region. Upon running aground, the barge ruptured two[PDF]

PART 4 EROSION HAZARD – L.P.R.C.A Updates/Tech Guide/GL Tech Guide PART4…

technical guide for great lakes – stlawrence river shorelines part 4 erosion hazard

Frazil ice – Wikipedia

Frazil ice is a collection of loose, randomly oriented, plate or discoid ice crystals formed in supercooled turbulent water .Its formation is common during the winter in rivers and lakes located in northern latitudes, and usually forms in open-water reaches of rivers where and when the heat exchange between the air and the water is such that the water temperature can drop below its freezing …

APUSH Vocab All Flashcards | Quizlet

First permanent settlement at Quebec in 1608. Canada had a smaller population than the English colonies, but had closer ties with Native Americans. Trade and military centers were established at Quebec, Montreal, and agricultural estates along the StLawrence River.

Lake Ontario Relief and Recovery | The State of New York

Providing Relief to the Residents of Lake Ontario and the StLawrence River Governor Cuomo is committed to helping New York’s Lake Ontario and StLawrence River communities recover from last year’s historically high water levels that caused devastation along the shoreline.

Lake Ontario water level update: ‘No obvious lessons …;

As ice on the river forms, they said, the river needs “a stable ice cover” to prevent ice jams that could cause flooding along the river and water intake problems at the Moses-Saunders Dam on …

  • Author: David Figura | Dfigura@Nyup.Com

Did Plan 2014 cause Lake Ontario’s floods? | Great Lakes Today

May 15, 2017 · But he attributes this spring’s flooding to record rainfall — and some moves made this winter to manage ice. He’s a member of the International Lake Ontario-StLawrence River Board, which oversees lake level regulation and the management of outflows through a dam on the Upper StLawrence River.

Managing Great Lakes Ice: Preventing Jams and Keeping …

Construction of the Moses-Saunders Dam has allowed water managers on both sides of the StLawrence a way to control the amount of water flowing out of the river and thus influence how ice forms above and below the dam. By slowing down the velocity, Faveri said, a solid, stable ice cover forms more easily.

Environment and Climate Change Canada – Water – Flooding …

The StLawrence River – A Winter Hazard. Within the reach of the StLawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City, flooding of low-lying areas and damage to shore property has been a traditional winter hazard. Several sections of the river develop ice jams at various times during the ice season.

The Daily News | Army Corps: Lake Ontario levels to stay …;

Aug 27, 2019 · More water could flow through the StLawrence River if it were three times wider and four times deeper, she said. … by masking the full extent of the damage done to them. … build a stable ice …

New York State a very Shitty Record | Trillions Stolen …

The very wealthy Members of the Lake George Association and Charlie Tuttle along with the Coolidges, Woodburys and others from the Glens Falls Banks and the Village and Town of Ticonderoga have always known They with New York State itself was directly perpetrating and causing the damages to the DOCKS, ISLANDS, BULKHEADS and BOAT HOUSES.

Diluting the Poisoned Lake George Waters – Winter Draw …;

YES LAKE FLUSHING ( Winter Draw Down ) How long does water stay in Lake George? The retention time of a lake is the average length of time that water remains in the lakeLake size, water source, and watershed size are primary factors in determining retention time. The retention time for Lake George is six to eight years. This is very long.

Yearly Flushing of Lake George, NY … WINTER TIME LAKE …

The MANY PURPOSES of  Winter Time DRAW DOWN on Lake George, NY        Natural  attenuation  relies on natural processes to clean up or  attenuate pollution  in soil and groundwater.       Natural  attenuation  occurs at most polluted sites. However, the right conditions must exist underground to clean sites properly…

Images of Lake GEORGE Lake Flush Draw Down

Image result for Lake GEORGE Lake Flush Draw Down
Image result for Lake GEORGE Lake Flush Draw Down
Image result for Lake GEORGE Lake Flush Draw Down
Image result for Lake GEORGE Lake Flush Draw Down

See more images of Lake GEORGE Lake Flush Draw Down

Lake Level | Lake George Park Commission

By using the discharge capacity to draw down the lake to accommodate spring runoff and by limiting discharges at other times, people are able to keep the lake’s level, for the most part, within an annual range of about 12 to 16 inches. However, natural forces sometimes exceed human designs.

Questions for Lake George and NY State Officials LGPC RPI …;

Poisoning Lake George – The Flooding Toxins and Sewage … Flushing the Sewage and Mill Wastes and Cesspool known as Lake George is REALITY. … Draw Down Lake George … The Poisoning of Lake Champlain; SEE FOR BACKGROUND. also. On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 1:35 PM, …

Lake George – Adirondacks CRIME SCENE an Environmental …;

Lake George – Adirondacks CRIME SCENE an Environmental Nightmare; LAKE GEORGE and the PINHOLE Mafia; Lake George New York A MILL POND Toilet Flusher; Lake George New York THE MILL POND SAGA; LAKE GEORGE NY Dam 230 EXPOSED; Land Scamming Bank Looting America All the Minerals Gas and Oil and Credit Papers To ….. America Looted Stupid


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Witham II My Parents

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