Dear Judge John Hall , District Attorney Jason M. Carusone, Sheriff James LaFarr ……


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Dear Sheriff LaFarr, Judge John Hall,  District Attorney Carusone, Karl Sleight   Et Al,
I have reviewed the expenses associated with the  ARTIFICIAL SWAMP at West Brook at the Charles Wood Park between the Beach Road and Route 9N.  Many  MILLIONS of  Dollars spent on a SMALL Artificial Swamp seems a little  FISHY.

West Brook Conservation Initiative – Lake George Association › News Releases
 Oct 16, 2016 – West Brook Conservation Initiative: From Worst Threat to … draw nutrients out of the stormwater, and through a gravel wetland and deep water wetland. … To date millions of dollars of grant money have been contributed to this …

I see vast expenses for Swamp Dirt and Swamp Plants that were installed at this  MAN MADE SEWAGE  FILTER.

I want to stress that the Lawyer for the FUND for Lake George,  TOM WEST and many many of the Members of the  FUND and the Lake George Association are very well aware of MY EXPERTISE regarding   SWAMPS and CONSTRUCTION/ EXCAVATION.  I have requested from the  FUND and the  Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition the  EXPENSE RECORDS for building this  ARTIFICIAL  SWAMP to compare to what the State DEC Pays for  Real Swamps such as the  PAYMENTS to Judge Richard Bartlett and Robert Stewart for the Witham Swamp at Harris Bay.

I find it ALARMING that DEC and the  LGPC would spend such vast sums of money  CREATING an ARTIFICIAL SWAMP.   DEC and the ADIRONDACK PARK AGENCY with the NYS  Attorney General have costs and prices data on SWAMPS  DEC has been acquiring for many decades throughout the Adirondack Park.  DEC needs to produce all the  Expenses Records for the Swamp/ Wetlands  Purchases in the Adirondack Park since say 1920  and Then Compare to what has been spent on the West Brook  FAKE  SWAMP.  As an example of  MONEY SCAMMING lets see this article.

Real fire tower cheaper than replica for Lake George park | News … › news › local-news › 2019/07
Jul 24, 2019 – LAKE GEORGE — A plan to seek $300000 or so to put a replica fire tower in Charles … would be about $150,000, less than half the estimated cost for a replica. … Charles Wood Park is located off West Brook Road, on the site of the … wetland built to filter stormwater before it gets to Lake George, while the … 

 NOTE   I HAVE SEEN FIRE TOWERS  SELL AT AUCTION for as little as $100  Bucks.Now  ANYONE That Knows the Name Witham will readily accept  WE ARE SWAMP EXPERTS …. And  DEC certainly understands that  REAL SWAMP versus what was  SQUANDERED on the Artificial Swamp  is about 10,000 %  MORE than what actual Swamps have been purchased for by DEC over many many years in the  Lake George Wild Forest.   I find it ALARMING that the West Brook Swamp SQUANDERED SO MUCH MONEY

IF You examine the Sale of more than 500 Acres of  Witham Marsh to DEC by  Robert Stewart and Richard Bartlett  ( Harris Bay Development Corporation ) The Official Record shows  10 BUCKS.   NYS  DEC has hidden and SECRETED the Amount Paid to Judge Richard Bartlett and Robert Stewart for Decades.  I Have Repeatedly  OPEN RECORDS DEMANDED from DEC what They Paid  Judge Bartlett and Robert Stewart for the Witham Marsh   BUT  NYS  DEC has refused to produce the  Financial Payment Information regarding the Harris Bay Development’s Sale of the Witham Swamp to the State.  I AM HEREIN  Again Demanding from  NYS  DEC They Produce those Payment Records.
I would suggest  the  Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition and FUND for Lake George are truly MILKING the Taxpayers Grant Money and likely up to some FUNNY BUSINESS as far as  PADDING  Tax Records and Taking Exemptions for Far in Excess of  Real World Costs.

What a Racket THE SMARTEST
Financial Scam in the WorldAbout this website YOUTUBE.COM LAKE GEORGE NY DUMBEST LAKE IN THE WORLD

The Giant Financial Scam …. Lake George NY

In Closing there seems to be  LOTS of  Financial Hanky Panky  SWIRLING AROUND The  DUMBEST LAKE IN THE WORLD  especially all the money being SQAUNDERED  Cleaning Out The  SWIMMING POOL FOR THE  UBER WEALTHY  or  the  Membership of the  Lake George Association.  ONE ISSUE is the  SO CALLED  Invasive  Species  Prevention Programs …..  DUCKS, GEESE and  GULLS  import the  Larva of the Invasive Species and IN FACT those  matters are of  a  NATURAL  PROCESS in the Environment.  I find the  Ducks, Gulls and  Geese are costing  GARGANTUAN SUMS and Allowing Enormous TAX CREDITS for the  FUND for Lake George and Lake George Association’s   INVESTMENT / GREEN TAX  Shelters.
For a  Full Understanding of  THE  SHIT STORM Swirling about Lake George Please See


On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 8:56 PM SwampFox <> wrote:
Dear Judge Hall
I see that David Decker’s Lawyers are claiming  a  POLITICAL WITCH HUNT  and All The  Pee and Pooh in Lake George is just a MISTAKE and A  TYPO GRAPHICAL ERROR ?MAYBE ALL THE MILLIONS Being Squandered on Lake George  SEWERS is all just a Mistake  LIKE ALL THE DECADES of  Mill Pond Flushings and Winter Draw Downs ?


Yes  All those Decades of  FLUSHING  Lake George  to  DILUTE THE POLLUTION  has been a  LGPC  and  DEC  Practical Joke  on the Property Owners on Lake George that have lost BILLIONS in Property due to the  DECADES of  WINTER TIME LAKE FLUSHINGS.

MAYBE  David Deckers   MULTI-MILLION  DOLLAR SWAMP  should be the Size of what was STOLEN From Clifford and Anita Witham at Harris Bay ?   Look at all the  SEWAGE  FLUSHINGS  accomplished with  The  GIANT  TOILET FLUSHER at Ticonderoga ….  The MILL POND  FLUSHER .   I mean  As Long as the Lake Gets  FLUSHED  Why would a 12 Million Dollar  ARTIFICIAL SWAMP  even be needed on West Brook ?

FLUSHING LAKE GEORGE You Betcha BOOKS.GOOGLE.COM New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal

SEE …..


SEE ……

What would be the Point to All the  LAKE  CLEAN UP MILLIONS if there was NOT really a  Lake  Flushing  Motive  (  The  MILL POND  FLUSHINGS  )
Perhaps  David  Decker’s Lawyers have a  Point ? Seems Like LOTS Of  SECRETED CRAP goes on all around Lake George

I think David Wick, Amy Bartlett, Roger Smith, Tom West ( FUND FOR LAKE GEORGE ) and the  Lake George Association and  Basil Segoss May NEED TO EXPLAIN all those  Lake Flushings to  DILUTE THE POLLUTION  in the Old Mill Pond


David Decker’s Shit Storm

Lots and Lots of  SECRETS ON THE MILL PONDAbout this websiteADIRONDACKSLAKEGEORGEFREEPRESS.WORDPRESS.COMTEFLON and SKULLDUGGERYWarren County, Queensbury, Lake George NY One GIANT SHIT STORM Poisoning Lake George – The Flooding Toxins and Sewage | The … › poisoning-lake-george-f… Flush Flush Flush FLUSHING Lake …


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