Flushing the Virusus Bacteria and Sewage from Lake George NY


The Never Ending  PIN HOLE  IN THE BATH TUB  CONSPIRACY … The Wholly  Inadequate Pin Hole Drainage of Lake George , NY 

The  INFAMOUS  Pinholes  of The Lake George BATHTUB


Septic report identifies problem areas on LakeGeorge | Local … LAKE GEORGE — The Lake George Septic Initiative report has identified 10 areas around the lakeat the greatest risk from failing septic systems. The areas of concern cited in the final report ..  https://poststar.com/news/local/septic-report-identifies-problem-areas-on-lake-george/article_0

The inescapable   FACTS  reveal that  New York State has been FLUSHING the Polluted Waters of Lake George for  DECADES ….

The Wholly Inadequate Release Gates of  DAMNED DAM  “A” are a matter or  Well Recorded Fact and the  Giant Chemical, Paper Wastes and Sewage Sludge Beds on Ticonderoga Bay and at the exit of the La Chute River are MEMORIALIZED by the  EPA, US Coast Guard, Vermont’s DEC, NY’s DEC as well as the United States Geological Survey, New York Courts and the  US  Supreme Court.

      New York State , The Lake George Park Commission,  DEC and the Operators of  Damned Dam “A”  need to compensate the Withams for the many destructions of the Family Marina.   LAKE GEORGE PARK COMMISSION , NYS  Legislature,  DEC  The Ball Is In Your Court.

So the BROWN FIELDS are fact Now for the Damned Dam Records

The Lake Has Been  Being FLUSHED for  Decades

POSTSTAR.COMLake George-area businesses form new council to talk economy and environmentBusiness leaders and a lake advocacy group are coming together to talk shop about protecting Lake George water quality, which is tied to a $2 billion regional tourism economy.

The  Winter Time Lake Flushings and  RISING SPRING ICE SHEET on Lake George caused by NYS is precisely what destroyed Clifford and Anita Witham’s Marina  MANY Years in a Row. 

MILLIONS SPENT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVVg6hDxDl8

MILLIONS SPENTThe HARD COLD FACTShttps://www.bing.com/search?q=poison%20lake%20champlain%20%20flush%20lake%20george%20&qs=ds&form=QBRE

FLUSHING Lake George Poisoning Lake ChamplainThe HARD COLD FACTS https://www.bing.com/search?q=poison%20lake%20champlain%20%20flush%20lake%20george%20&qs=ds&form=QBRE

Why does the lake get too high at times?

The capacity to release water from the lake is small in relationship to the volume of heavy runoff. The capacity has been likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole. When water entering the lake exceeds the maximum rate that can be discharged, the lake rises.
Each winter the lake is drawn down in anticipation of the spring snow melt. Snow surveys help to estimate the amount of water that is resident in the basin’s snow pack and refine “winter pool” target elevations. Under ideal conditions the spring thaw is gradual, re-charging groundwater and tributaries and allowing the lake to slowly replenish a foot or more of elevation to the target level of 4.0 (RRG) around April 1. However, nature can be anything but predictable. A combination of rain and melting snow can produce an inflow of water that exceeds the storage capacity created by draw down. Even when inflow conditions return to normal, it is possible only to lower the lake level at a rate of about an inch per day.

LakeGeorge is in our souls’: Experts cover successes, challenges for water quality protection

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Clifford and Anita Witham  East Shores Harbour ” The Swamp ”  Harris Bay Lake George


Lovers of Lake George   GOD  Bless Their Souls


Clifford and Bradford  My  BROTHERS


The 100s of  Pictures and Historical Records  DO NOT LIE

LakeGeorge islands get attention – Baltimore Sun

It is the largest lake in New York’s vast Adirondack Park. … state Department of Environmental Conservation ranger FrankLeonbruno, are armoring the islands so they can withstand the elements …https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-2001-11-04-0111040319-story.html

The Damned Dam of Lake George, NY … POISONING Lake Champlain

Toilet Lake George POSIONING Lake Champlain

Land Grabbing Foreclosure Rackets … NYS / Feds are Busted

Dr. Irving Langmuir, GE Engineer John… – LakeGeorge The …

Dr. Irving Langmuir, GE Engineer John Apperson, LakeGeorgeParkCommissionFrankLeonbruno, Clifford, Anita and Judson Witham ….. Well Let The…https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=1854745094806178&story_fbid=1900683086879045

 TOILET LAKE GEORGE  The Annual Flushings  Exposed


Dear Letitia James,

New York State Attorney General’s  Office,

I have patiently and repeatedly requested New York State, The DEC, The Lake George Park Commission as well as the DEC to produce records, files, photos and videos regarding the VAST Raising of the Lake Waters and DECADES of Lake Flushings ( Winter Draw Downs ). These records include DECADES of Island Damage, Boat House Destruction, Dock Destruction and Shoreline Damage caused by Lake Ice and Erratic Lake Level Operations caused by the DAM “A” at The LaChute River.

The  Pictures  DO  NOT  LIE


I have been STONEWALLED by DEC and the Lake George Park Commission and said STONEWALLING violates the FOIL Laws of New York State. The IMMENSE Private and Public Property Damages caused by the WHOLLY INADEQUATE Release Gates of the DAM “A” at the North End of the Lake caused DIRECTLY by wholly NEGLIGENT Operations and Equipment are germane to and relevant to My FOIL DEMANDS.

I am going to attempt to gain the AG’s Assistance in FORCING the release of these records. I have been NICE and PATIENT with LGPC, DEC and the Governor’s Office and Legislature for many years. I am frankly preparing Litigation to force the records production ESPECIALLY The Property Damages traceable to the WINTER TIME FLUSHINGS and the Ridiculously Inadequate Dam Operations and Equipment at the LaChute River.

Your attention to and assistance in this matter is REQUESTED as is Your production of the AG’s records regarding these issues per FOIL.

     PLEASE SEE https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com/the-sewage-and-chemicals-of-lake-george-new-york-an-adirondacks-horror-story-freedom-of-information-law

and especially see



Judson Witham


Re: Freedom of Information Law Request The UPS and DOWNS of Lake George ICE  and Sewage  (  FOIL LAW  Ongoing  )

Winter Time Draw Down is also  FACTUALLY a  Flushing of the Contaminated Lake and allows the  ELECTRIC POWER CORPORATION along the LaChute River to generate  WINTER TIME  ELECTRICITY for the  BIG  BUCKS

     The  LOW WATER FREEZE IN OF THE LAKE GEORGE ICE SHEET IS  PRECISELY THE SOURCE OF THE VAST ISLAND, SHORELINE, BOAT HOUSE AND DOCK DAMAGES complained of many many times IN COURT by New York State Law Enforcement.  It was the Major Cause of the Destruction of the Witham Marina for many years.  THE STATE OF NEW YORK’s  Inadequate Dam and Winter Time Draw Downs caused the ICE to freeze low and during spring rains and run off  THE VAST ICE SHEET destroyed the Islands Boat Houses Docks and Shoreline.   THE  INADEQUATE RELEASE GATES  OF DAM  “A”  at the LaChute River and Intentional LAKE FLUSHING by the  STATE.




The Slimy Green Waters of Lake George NY Caused by  SEWAGE

The Slimy Green Waters of Lake George NY Caused by  SEWAGE

 TOILET LAKE GEORGE  The Annual Flushings  Exposed

  • [PDF]Benefits and Impacts of Lake Level Drawdownhttps://www3.nd.edu/~aseriann/Lake_Drawdown2.pdfBenefits and Impacts of Lake Level Drawdown by Dr. George Knoecklein The following article was written by Dr. George Knoecklein, limnologist and … If water levels are not returned to normal conditions in time, certain fish species may not be able to reach spawning areas. … Although largely dormant in winter, hydrologically connected
  • Yearly Flushing of Lake George, NY … WINTER TIME LAKE …https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com/yearly-flushing-of…The REALLY Amazing thing is Dilution as a Solution to Pollution has been happening on Lake GeorgeNY for MANY DECADES while Lake Champlain is the SEPTIC TANK The REALITY, HISTORICAL RECORD and FACTS REVEAL Lake George New York is a FLUSHED ” Toilet Lake ” It’s been going on for DECADES New York’s TOILET…BORN AGAIN!! The phenomenon of lake draw-downThe Phenomenon of Lake Draw-down … The first thing noted was that the lake in the post- draw-down state was exhibiting the exact same traits it had during the first …www.jimporter.org/articles/article33.shtml 
  • Diluting the Poisoned Lake George Waters AKA Winter Draw …https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com/diluting-the…Diluting the Poisoned Lake George Waters AKA Winter Draw Down. … It’s Time for the State of New York to OPEN IT’s Records on Lake George LAKE FLUSHING AKA Winter Time Draw Down [PPT] PowerPoint Presentation – Water and Water Pollution – Alex.Alamo Lake to be “flushed” March 12th, says Army Corps …Drawing it down to 1100 now will not sustain that pool nor will the Cholla ramp be useable in a few weeks. I email the chair in AQE about sharing info and he referred to ACOE. I knew that. I asked him point blank did anything come across his desk on the draw down. He has not responded to my last e mail.www.parkerliveonline.com/2018/03/05/alamo-lake-flushed-march-12th-says-army-corps-colone 
  • Lake George … The Damned Dam Truth | The Adirondacks …https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com/lakegeorge-the…So lets see RULE CURVE …. a 54% Inadequate Dam and winter Time Lake Draw Down …. Dear Lake George Park Commission / NYS DEC ….. You are BUSTED. For My Parents Clifford B. Witham USN Air Corp WWII Deceased and Mother Anita May Farmilo Witham …. ( AKA Mrs. Swamp Fox )Streamflow Releases from Managed Dams | Mass.govhttps://http://www.mass.gov/service-details/streamflow-releases-from…Dam management can affect the flow, temperature, and biology of downstream ecosystems. One type of management is winter water-level drawdowns. Drawdowns most often serve to control aquatic invasive species and protect infrastructure. When dam managers lower lake levels in the fall, downstream flows are much higher than normal.[PDF]Lake Drawdown for Aquatic Plant Control – New Hampshirehttp://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/pip/factsheets/bb/…Fall/winter drawdowns are conducted in New Hampshire from October through early spring. The length of winter drawdown is based on ice and snow cover, water uses and expected water renewal rates. It is imperative that the water level be brought down slowly, in order to allow for aquatic fauna (like mollusks and amphibians) to adapt toThe  FLUSHING of Lake George NY into the LaChute River and Lake Champlain ABSOLUTE PROOF  and it’s been going on for more than a CENTURYSwampMarinaEcological impacts of winter water level drawdowns on lake littoral zones: a reviewFreshwater littoral zones harbor diverse ecological communities and serve numerous ecosystem functions that are controlled, in part, by natural water level fluctuations. However, human alteration of lake hydrologic regimes beyond natural fluctuations threaten littoral zone ecological integrity. One type of hydrologic alteration in lakes is winter water level drawdowns, which are frequently employed for hydropower, flood control, and macrophyte control, among other purposes. Here, we synthesize the abiotic and biotic responses to annual and novel winter water level drawdowns in littoral zones of lakes and reservoirs. The dewatering, freezing, and increased erosion of exposed lakebeds drive changes in the littoral zone. Shoreline-specific physicochemical conditions such as littoral slope and shoreline exposure further induce modifications. Loss of fine sediment decreases nutrient availability over time, but desiccation may promote a temporary nutrient pulse upon re-inundation. Annual winter drawdowns can decrease taxonomic richness of macrophytes and benthic invertebrates and shift assemblage composition to favor taxa with r-selected life history strategies and with functional traits resistant to direct and indirect drawdown effects. Fish assemblages, though less directly affected by winter drawdowns (except where there is critically low dissolved oxygen), experience negative effects via indirect pathways like decreased food resources and spawning habitat. We identify eight general research gaps to guide future research that could improve our understanding about the complex effects of winter drawdowns on littoral zone ecology
SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com>Mon, Feb 25, 8:21 PM (15 hours ago)
to New, pohnig, Margaret, James, little, StecD, Travis, Ellen, georgia, Kim, Sarah, Sarah, sarah

Dear New York State,  DEC ,  Governor  Cuomo and

State Attorney General  Letitia “Tish” A. James

         Per My FOIL Demands going back a few years ,  I want the  DAM  “A”  Information and the  Lake  Raising  Data for the  Steam Ship Line  (   The  D &  H   Rail Road  )  and  the  Massive  Lake Basin Flooding from  DEC  and  New York State.    The  DAM  “A”  was directly responsible for the  Vast Flooding of the Lake George Basin ….  That is the information   NEW YORK STATE has  never provided.

NO  DEC   You have  NOT  cooperated in the  requests.  The  Winter Time  Lake Draw Down  and  the  Lake Ice  Conditions this creates is directly traceable to  INADEQUATE  Release Gates  or  Insufficient  Water Level Controls on Lake George.  These  INADEQUATE  Release Gates have been well understood byNew York State going back to the  1900  period  and the 10 DECADES since the  Lake Level Issues have been extremely well known to  New York State  and  DEC.

The VAST  Lake George  Lake Basin Flooding which  RAISED the Lake 8 +  Feet was done by the Lake George Steam Ship Operators   AKA   The  D &  H   Rail Road.    D & H  Rail Road clearly ADMIT the Lake was raised 8  Feet.


The Lake is  8  Feet  Higher  because of the  D&H  Rail Road Dam  also known as the  Paper Mill and  Power Company Dam at  Weedville.


I am specifically  seeking the  DAM records  that keeps  Lake  George  8 Feet  Deeper for the  D & H  Owned  Steam Ship Lines

Flooding Indictment.jpg

In Short   the  D&H  Railroad   OWNED and Operated the  Steam Ships  and  the  Dam  at Weedville  for  DECADES.   Obviously the  MASSIVE  Flooding and  Raised  Lake Levels  on  Lake  George  are  very well known about and understood by  New York State  DEC.I am specifically  demanding  the  DAMNED …  DAM  Records  especially as it concerns the  ANNUAL    Lake  Flushings   or  the  Annual  WINTER DRAW DOWNS  and  the  Insufficient  Waste Gates associated with  DAM  “A”.See  all the  Damned Dam History You want on The  TOILET FLUSHING  of  Lake  George  and  the  Damned Dam RIGHT HERE.The  VAST   Winter Time Draw Downs  and  the  Immense  Late Winter  Early Spring   LAKE ICE  RAISINGS  caused enormous damages to all sorts of property, boat houses and docks  ALL OVER LAKE GEORGEThe  FLUSHING of  Sewage Contaminated  Lake Water is a  WELL KNOWN  matter that  Winter Time Draw Down  accomplishes.   I am specifically  demanding  New York State’s   WINTER TIME  DRAW DOWN  Records and the  Vast Property Damages  the   UP and DOWN and UP and Down and Up and Down   ICE  PACK  …..   Lake Ice  Causes  because of the  INADEQUATE  DAMNED DAM.See  The  INADEQUATE SPILLWAYS  OF  DAM  “A”   Right Here.    ALSO  KNOWN AS  THE  PINHOLE   IN  THE  BATH  TUB IN CLOSING ….  The  Vast Lowering AKA  Winter Time Draw Down  is  a  FLUSHING of  Lake George’s  SEWAGE FILLED WATERS.   The  Lake  Flushing and Draw Down set up a  Lake Ice  Condition  that causes   VAST  Property Damages.    The  WITHAM  FAMILY  MARINA  suffered  IMMENSE  Dock and Shore Line Damages  for  YEARS  because of the  UNSTABLE  ICE SHEET LEVELS. Please  new York State ,  DEC   Produce  the  Records on this  Up and Down Up and Down Up and Down   DAMNED  Lake Flushing   CRAP.See  Lake George  FLUSHINGSThe  VAST NUMBER OF  LAKE  FLUSHINGS  under the  Guise of  WINTER TIME DRAW DOWN   (  Lake  Flushing  )  and  the  immense  SEPTIC  TANK  ISSUES  regarding Lake George are also records that New York State has  NEVER  PRODUCED.   Going back to Commissioner  George Pratt  and all through the 1900s and currently in the  2000s   NEW YORK STATE  has  never produced  the  Lake Flushing  Records nor has  New York State produced it’s records on the  GARGANTUAN   Lake Ice  Damage to Private Boat Houses, Docks , Islands and Shoreline.   The  SAGA of the  Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down   LAKE ICE  seems to be  OBSCURED  and OBFUSCATED   by   discussions  of  the  Water Levels  EXCLUSIVELY.In Closing  the  INADEQUATE  Release Gates of  Dam “A” ,   the  Flushing of  Sewage Polluted Waters laced with  ROAD SALT and other Chemicals are what caused  REPEATED  Yearly  Damages by Up and Down and Up and Down  LAKE ICE to Clifford and Anita Witham’s  FAMILY  Marina at Harris Bay.

I have been patient and polite for an extremely long time …..  These  State Records  MUST BE PRODUCED.

Judson  WithamNotJuris@GMail.com







The  Spillway was WORSE in the 60s and 70s




      Judson Witham a  Glens Falls  Indian and a Lake George Warrior  a  GLENS  FALLS  YMCA  Raised  Native Born Son ….   He  Understands the History, The Scientific and Historical Records ….  East Side of Lake George raised …. His assessment of these matters is  SPOT ON.


Son of the Swamp Fox  KNOWS


The Many Videos  Tell the  Fuller Story


UPDATE   LOOKY  HERE    International Paper & Power   GIFTING   Big Big Property and Bucks  to  NEW  YORK STATE  ….   Interesting    1974  ….  Just After the  Repeated DESTRUCTION of the  Witham Family Marina  …..  HOW  NICE  


7  Acres  $150,000.00   and  a  FREE  DAM    WOW



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