CORONAVIRUS America's Toilet Lakes and Toilet Rivers



Mary Anna Evans | The Atlantic


Flushing the Toilet Has Never Been Riskier

Flushing toilets enable most Americans to make their own waste disappear as if by magic, but most would be hard-pressed to answer this simple question: When you flush, where does it go?

Septic tank owners, about 20 percent of Americans, are most likely to be able to give an accurate answer, because they’re responsible for the maintenance of their own sewage-disposal systems. A flush from one of their toilets sends wastewater to a tank buried on their property, where the waste products separate into solid and liquid layers and partially decompose. The liquid layer flows out of the tank and into a drainfield that disperses it into the soil, where naturally occurring microbes remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and nutrients. The solid layer stays behind in the form of sludge that must be pumped out periodically as part of routine maintenance. If the tank is properly designed and maintained, those bacteria, viruses, and nutrients stay out of groundwater and surface water that people may use for drinking water, and they never reach surface water bodies where people swim or boat.

The vast majority of the 80 percent of Americans who don’t use septic tanks are served by municipal water-treatment plants. Waste from their homes is whisked immediately off the premises, never to be seen, smelled, or considered again. Pipes carry waste from these homes to wastewater-treatment plants that, in some ways, work like a septic tank on a very large scale.

Just as in a septic tank, the solid and liquid wastes are separated first in a process known as primary treatment. Next, as in a septic tank’s drainfield, bacteria break down contaminants in a process called secondary treatment. After that, treatment with chlorine kills the remaining bacteria. Then, in some communities, special treatment technologies remove contaminants that are of special concern, such as phosphorus or nitrogen. When the process is complete, the treated waste meets regulatory standards and is released to a nearby water body—that is, if all goes well. If all doesn’t go well—perhaps the treatment plant suffers an outage or there’s more waste than the plant was designed to treat—untreated waste can be released to surface water.

As treatment plants age across the United States and as the country’s population grows, these releases are becoming more problematic, contributing to the serious surface-water problems that crop up frequently in the news. Harmful algal blooms like the one that cost Toledo, Ohio, its drinking water last summer, fish kills like the one recently reported off Long Island, and the much-discussed dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico are all fed by phosphorus, nitrogen, and other contaminants found in the untreated sewage that, according to EPA estimates, flows out of America’s treatment plants during the 23,000 to 75,000 sanitary-sewer overflows that happen per year.

The causes of these water-quality issues are complex, because the same pollutants can be washed into surface water from agricultural land, industrial sites, and fertilized lawns dotted with pet waste, but the 3 to 10 billion gallons of untreated waste released from our sewage-treatment plants per year cannot help but have an impact.

Specifically, they affect the water you swim in and the water you drink.

* * *

A number of studies, including this one from 2010, have found that emergency room visits for gastrointestinal distress increase after a heavy rain. These illnesses are believed to spike after a storm because rainwater washes pathogens into lakes and rivers used for recreation and drinking water. A 2015 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives goes a step further than earlier research by pointing to a common type of municipal sewage-treatment system, combined-sewer systems, as an important factor in these illnesses.

The EPA has called overflows from combined sewer systems “the largest category of our Nation’s wastewater infrastructure that still need to be addressed,” affecting Americans in 32 states, including the District of Columbia. The agency has been working with municipal water systems to address the problem for decades and much progress has been made, but to understand why it’s taking so long, you have to consider history. You also have to consider the massive costs that come with making changes to public works that have served millions of people for more than a century.

Combined sewers collect human waste, industrial waste, and stormwater runoff into a single pipe for treatment and disposal. (In other municipalities, these waste streams are handled separately.) In dry weather, a combined sewer ordinarily carries a relatively low volume of waste, delivering it to publicly owned treatment works, or POTWs for short, that are designed to handle that flow. In plain terms, when a combined sewer system is functioning properly, you can generally trust that when you flush, the contents of the toilet bowl end up where they’re supposed to go.


Things change when it rains in communities served by combined sewers. Because a combined system must handle surges of stormwater, rainfall markedly increases the volume of waste that its equipment must handle, making this type of sewage system particularly likely to overflow into surface water. As these diagrams show, they were designed to do this as a fail-safe for system failures that were intended to be rare but aren’t any longer. If you’re accustomed to a faint smell of sewage in the streets after a rainstorm, these diagrams will show you why.

Unfortunately, the receiving waters for these rain-induced spills are sometimes the same water bodies that are used for drinking water, and sometimes people swim there, too. And sometimes the overflow is so significant that the stormwater-and-sewage mixture backs up into the streets where people walk.

Is it any wonder that rainy weather often triggers a spike in stomach bugs and beach closures?

* * *

Given what’s at stake, why are upgrades to aging systems taking so long? Consider this map of the 772 American communities with combined-sewer systems.

The majority of combined sewer systems are located in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions. (EPA)

Most combined systems are concentrated in the older cities of the Northeast and the Great Lakes region, but they also exist in other older cities as far-flung as Atlanta, Memphis, and San Francisco. In other words, the systems that pose risks today happen to be the ones—state-of-the-art when they were built, but not today—that are in some of the biggest cities in America, which have a combined population of approximately 40 million people.

If you’re feeling relieved to see that your hometown isn’t marked on the map, remember that fecal-coliform bacteria don’t always stay close to home. Waste spilled into the Ohio River affects everyone down the Ohio and the Mississippi, and it contributes to the ongoing woes of the Gulf of Mexico. Even if you don’t live in the Northeast, along the Ohio, in the Great Lakes region, along the Mississippi, or on the Gulf Coast, bear in mind that 40 percent of the commercial seafood caught in the continental U.S. comes from the Gulf of Mexico. In other words, when Cincinnati’s sewer system overflows into the Ohio, it intrudes into the food chain of a lot of people.

* * *

The EPA calls combined sewers “remnants of the country’s early infrastructure.” The first sewers weren’t designed to handle the constant and huge stream of wastes from our toilets, because they were invented when we didn’t have any toilets. Sewers were originally built to solve the problems of cities that were flooded with their own refuse—garbage, animal manure, and human waste left in the open rather than in a privy or latrine—during every rainstorm. To prevent that flooding, the fouled stormwater was shunted out of town and into the nearest handy receptacle, which was often a lake, river, stream, or ocean.

When flush toilets became common in the mid-1800s, they were piped into these existing sewers, introducing much more human waste, as well as a large volume of water that had never been there before. In some ways, this was a design feature, not a bug, because the burst of stormwater flushed out pipes that might have otherwise gotten clogged. This flush of rainwater also diluted the waste before it hit a nearby river.

In time, though, dilution wasn’t enough to keep waterways safe and attractive, and sewage treatment plants were invented to clean up the waste stream before releasing it to water bodies. Newer cities, which were starting from scratch, generally handled stormwater separately from human and industrial wastes from the start, but cities whose sewer systems had always been combined continued to treat both waste streams together.

As the older cities grew larger, their combined-treatment systems struggled to keep up, and growing populations weren’t the only factor. Time itself exacerbated their woes. In Hoboken, for example, some sewer lines date back to the Civil War. Common sense says that pipes that have been buried for a century and a half tend to leak. Over time, they also get clogged with debris or even congealed cooking oil, resulting in narrowed pipes that overflow even more easily.

When narrowed pipes are already overloaded, the added influx of stormwater when it rains becomes just too much water. Now, some cities experience overflows with less than a quarter-inch of rain, with resulting risks to human health. It is common for cities with combined-sewer systems to advise citizens to stay out of the water for days after any rainfall. And now the Environmental Health Perspectives study suggests that after a very heavy rain, those overflows may be affecting their communities’ drinking water, too.

What is being done? Combined sewers have been an EPA priority for many years and, after decades of significant effort, the numbers are starting to move in the right direction, but this is not a problem that can be turned around quickly or cheaply. New York City’s combined sewers are still the single largest source of pathogens to the New York Harbor system, according to the New York Department of Environmental Protection. A single 2014 storm triggered a release into Lake Erie from Detroit, Michigan, of more than 44 million gallons of raw sewage from sanitary sewers and almost 3 billion gallons from combined sewers, and such releases from Detroit and the other cities with sewer outfalls on Lake Erie contribute to the fact that it blooms with algae every summer. Last summer, one of those algal blooms cost Toledo its drinking water for two days, and this year’s harmful algal blooms were projected to be even worse than last year’s.

As with any engineering project, the benefits of reducing overflows to zero—an effort estimated by the EPA in 2004 to cost $88.8 billion—must be weighed against its cost.

“We mustn’t forget the hugely successful effort in the 1970s and 1980s to provide secondary treatment at virtually every sewage-treatment plant in the country,” said Wayne Huber, a professor emeritus of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University. As an example, he describes what happened in Portland, Oregon, where a system of tunnels now contains 90 percent of the city’s stormwater surges. “Portland spent about $500 million on its deep tunnels and pumping system,” Huber said. “This has reduced the number of releases into the Willamette River from maybe 50 to 100 per year to five to ten per year.”

Huber also highlights Philadelphia’s “green technology” strategy to reduce overflows to the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. Since avoiding massive construction is often synonymous with avoiding massive expenditures, Philadelphia’s use of approaches like rain gardens and green roofs to divert stormwater from the waste stream going to its treatment plants could serve as a model for other municipalities struggling with the same problems.

Huber cautions against relying on a single approach, saying that “green technology seeks to avoid large investments in infrastructure by keeping stormwater out of the combined sewer in the first place, but in heavily urbanized areas that is seldom an option, hence the massive storage projects that we see in cities like Chicago.”

On the individual level, people concerned about wastewater can give some thought to the fertilizer, pesticides, trash, and animal waste that wash off of lawns and into sewer systems, lakes, rivers, and oceans. As citizens, they can also advocate at local, state, and federal levels for improvements. People can reduce stormwater flow by planting their own rain gardens and green roofs—and by being judicious about the way they water our lawns and wash their cars. Sometimes, doing the right thing is as simple as being careful about what goes into storm drains and toilets.

After hearing about the plume of sewage, littered with used condoms and tampons, that emanated from Philadelphia’s sewer outfalls prior to the city’s upgrade, it’s hard to look at flushing the toilet the same way. If Americans want to be able to drink tap water or swim at beaches after it rains, they have to keep trying to improve wastewater infrastructure, even if the size of the problem boggles the mind.

So yes it is expensive

Just Like Glens Falls and Lake George Sewage

The HARD COLD SCIENTIFIC FACTS exactly as I have been saying for nearly 40 Years

Dear David Wick, Roger Smith, Basil Seggos, Lake George Land Conservancy, NYS DEC, Lake George Park Commission, Darrin Fresh Water / RPI and Lake George Association … Diluting the Pollution by Lake Flushing is becoming ineffective.

Basics of Lake Science – North American Lake Management … flushingrate of a lake will determine how it responds to many inputs from the atmosphere and it’s watershed. Trophic Classification Lake trophic classification, or ranking of the degree of lake aging, is often classified using some type of established rating system that assigns points to a certain lake characteristics (oxygen content …

The Dilution/Flushing Technique In Lake Restoration or flushingrates were about ten times normal during the spring-summer periods in Moses Lake and three times normal on an annual basis in Green Lake. Improvement in quality (nutrients, algae, and transparency) was on the order of 50 percent in Moses Lake and even greater in Green Lake.

The dilution/flushing technique in lake restoration plot of L( 1 – R)/p, where L is phosphorus loading, R is the retention coefficient of phosphorus in the lake, and p is the hydraulic flushingrate, vs. (x), the mean depth, is suggested as a …


Coronavirus Apparently May Also Spread Via Poop, So There's That

HEALTH.COMCoronavirus Apparently May Also Spread Via Poop, So There’s That

The Government and Corporate Sewers are Spreading the Infections and Death

Wastewater Sewage Transmission

Can the new coronavirus spread through building pipes?

Coronavirus spread through building pipes

El Paso to drink treated sewage water due to climate … 30, 2018ElPaso is building a completely closed loop facility; instead of being pumped back into the aquifer, the treated sewage water will undergo additional filtration and then be sent back into drinking…

El Paso, Texas residents to drink treated sewage water due … change is making it increasingly difficult for ElPaso, Texas to get water from the Rio Grande river, and is pushing the city to look for new sources. 1 weather alerts 1 closings/delays.

Sewage is the real border crisis for many border towns and …“The only crisis that we are suffering here in the border region is the border sewagecrisis. It’s the crisis related to the emergency of us receiving toxic sludge and sewage and trash into our waters and into our region,” Imperial Beach councilwoman Paloma Aguirre said.

Covid-19 crisis overwhelms El Paso – The Washington Post 27, 2020ELPASO — The coronavirus has overwhelmed ElPaso for months, with few signs of abating. Inmates were paid to move hundreds of bodies into mobile morgues; the National Guard is now in charge of the…

Report: Urban Sanitation Crisis Worse Than Thought … Urban Sanitation Crisis Worse Than Thought On average, the majority of sewage and fecal sludge is improperly managed across 15 cities in the ‘global south.’ By Cecelia Smith …

‘We’re in a crisis stage’: Texas border city reels from … 27, 2020ElPaso county is dealing with 11,000 active cases, almost triple the number of cases it recorded in the previous July-August peak, and reported 1,216 new cases on Saturday, the highest single-day …

Why El Paso’s COVID-19 crisis is likely to get worse in … continues to set records for the number of COVID-19 cases, patients in hospitals, and deaths. The crisis probably will deepen in the coming weeks. ElPaso once again set a weekly high for new COVID-19 cases. More importantly, older people are making up a higher proportion of the new cases, an incredibly distressing signal.

‘Waste’ Activist Digs Into The Sanitation Crisis Affecting … is an intestinal parasite often associated with poor sewage treatment and the developing world.It was long thought to have been eradicated from the United States — until a 2017 study revealed otherwise.. According to the study, more than one in three people in Alabama’s Lowndes County tested positive for hookworm infection.

The world is bracing for the impact of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, which has now spread to over 30 countries, infecting more than 80,000 people with over 2,600 deaths globally. A better understanding of how this virus is transmitted is key to preventing its spread.

In two new papers published online in Gastroenterology, investigators from China describe the impact of coronavirus on the digestive tract. Key findings:

  • A significant portion of coronavirus patients have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and/or abdominal discomfort before respiratory symptoms.
  • Researchers recommend monitoring patients with initial GI distress, which will allow for earlier detection, diagnosis, isolation and intervention.
  • Viral RNA is detectable in stool of patients with suspected coronavirus; it is now clear that the virus sheds into the stool.
  • Viral gastrointestinal infection and potential fecal-oral transmission can last even after viral clearance in respiratory tract.
  • Prevention of fecal-oral transmission should be taken into consideration to control the spread the virus.

These papers will be published in the May print issue of Gastroenterology, the official journal of the American Gastroenterological Association.

COVID-19: Gastrointestinal manifestations and potential fecal-oral transmission
By Jinyang Gu, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Xinhua Hospital, China, et al.

Evidence for gastrointestinal infection of SARS-CoV-2
By Fei Xiao, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China, et al.

ISDH: Diseases Involving Sewage – Indiana acute, inflammatory viral diseases (St. Louis Encephalitis and West Nile Virus Encephalitis) are transmitted via the bite of infected mosquitoes, primarily of the Culex species. Culex mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in heavily polluted water such as that contaminated by sewage. These viruses are amplified during periods of adult …

Sewage as a Possible Transmission Vehicle During a … 63 samples collected from street-sewage puddles and sewage-pipe surfaces, 19% tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Of 50 environmental samples taken from cases’ apartments, 24% tested positive. Viral genome sequencing showed that the viruses identified from the squat toilet and shoe-bottom dirt inside the apartment of Cases 1-2 were homologous …

Lets discuss the GRAND American Sewage Crisis


The mechanics of the Immense Poisoning of America and the World

The Real Estate Speculators and Banksters RIGHT IN THE SEWERS and FULL of Sewage

Flushing America’s Rivers of Death and Disease


The Sewage Crisis In America – The Atlantic

Sep 17, 2015 · A single 2014 storm triggered a release into Lake Erie from Detroit, Michigan, of more than 44 million gallons of raw sewage from sanitary sewers …

Sewer Crisis in Florida – USA TODAY NETWORK News


These sewage spills are emblematic of failing wastewater systems across Florida, which is grappling with aging infrastructure and no clear solutions for funding a fix. During the past decade, deteriorating sewers have released 1.6 billion gallons of wastewater, much of it polluting the state’s estuaries and oceans, according to a GateHouse Media analysis of state environmental data.

Inside New York City’s plan to clean its sewage-filled …

Feb 20, 2020 · Every time it rains in New York, millions of gallons of sewage-laced stormwater flows into the city’s waterways. Instead of being diverted to a wastewater treatment plant, what goes down your…



COVID Crisis USA Sewage Crisis Earth JUDSON WITHAM



Warm, Humidity and Rivers FULL of SEWAGE

How many are being INFECTED with DISEASES from Poisoned Groundwater and SEWAGE FLUSHING by the Government ….. COVIDS COVIDS COVIDS are in the SEWAGE The MILLIONS of Viruses Bacteria GERMS associated with the GREAT AMERICAN SEWAGE FEST is being Whitewashed Down Played and even COVERED UP. All the COVIDS are spread by SEWAGE

Police This ……. NORTH CAROLINA’s COVID Spikes and New York’s COVID SPIKE …. America’s COVID CRISIS and Government Sewers GOOGLE.COM sewage overflow coronavirus judson witham – Google Search

North Carolina’s MEGA Sewag e and Viruses MESS

The North Carolina Federal Judiciary BAR and the US Marshals FBI and all the Court Personnel ARE The Worst SPREADERS of Viruses and Death in North Carolina

Judge Terrence W. Boyle is OUTTED


What about the VIRUSES

The Vermont Senate Committee on Natural Resources met with town leaders and environmentalists to create a plan to upgrade the state’s wastewater systems.

Vermont Senate addresses sewage overflow in Lake Champlain The Vermont Senate Committee on Natural Resources met with town leaders and environmentalists to create a plan to upgrade the state’s wastewater systems.

Judge Terrance W. Boyle , the US 4th Circuit and US Supreme Court can NO LONGER HIDE

Note to the Authorities of NEW YORK …. Are the Public Drinking Water Reservoirs used for dumping SEWAGE and FLUSHED like Lake George and the Great Lakes ? Maybe Sheriff Jim LaFarr of Warren County can answer this important question.

The REALITY of the Virus and Bacteria Laden Environment in New York


It appears that the Governments across America are HIDING vast and alarming details about the DEATH and DISEASE the Government Operated and Owned Sewers are spreading.

BAD Press ….. Come On MY WRITINGS are BAD ASS PRESS Mr. Davies. Maybe the Lake George Association and the Park Commission should call Sheriff Jim LaFarr and oh say The Adirondacks Lake George Free Press ( The Swamp Fox News )

The FACTS ARE VERY SIMPLE ….. 6000 Septic Fields BUILT ON THE BEDROCK of the Lake George Basin ….. With all the Rain and Snow Melt ……. ALL of those 6000 Septics DRAIN INTO LAKE GEORGE. PS The Chinese and RPI can try and deny it all They want.

YES FOLKS The Extreme Power of the BAD PRESS

The Adirondacks Lake George Free Press

Boy I’ll bet some of the BEST CONNECTED know those FACTSThe very AMUZING thing is simpleJust like the 6,000 Septics SWAMP FOX knows plenty MORE

2.5 Million Keystroked FIAT Helicopter / QE Bills of Credit to fix 6,000 BAD SepticsHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL ….. The FUND for Lake George and the Glens Falls Banksters need Professional Evaluations.

Lets see 2.5 Million divided by 6,000 = $416.16 in Quantitative Easing Helicopter Bucks. ASK JOHN MANNIX He Damned Certainly KNOWS and so do the Frosts and McDonalds and Pensels etc etc etc Et Al The GLENS FALLS BANKS are NUTZ Ask Tom West and John, Jimmie, Bobby and Billy Mason to do the Math …. Even George Pensel can do this Math.2.5 Million divided by 6,000 equals a FARCE $416.16

Swimming Concerns – Lake Champlain Basin Program
Swimming Concerns

These disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites are present in human and animal waste. During rain events, runoff carries Escherichia coli (E. coli), giardia, cryptosporidiosis, and flatworms into streams and rivers and eventually Lake George. Agricultural fields, faulty septic systems, and pet waste are common sources of pathogens.

Note to the Authorities of NEW YORK …. Are the Public Drinking Water Reservoirs used for dumping SEWAGE and FLUSHED like Lake George and the Great Lakes ? Maybe Sheriff Jim LaFarr of Warren County can answer this important question.

BAD Press ….. Come On MY WRITINGS are BAD ASS PRESS Mr. Davies. Maybe the Lake George Association and the Park Commission should call Sheriff Jim LaFarr and oh say The Adirondacks Lake George Free Press ( The Swamp Fox News )

The FACTS ARE VERY SIMPLE ….. 6000 Septic Fields BUILT ON THE BEDROCK of the Lake George Basin ….. With all the Rain and Snow Melt ……. ALL of those 6000 Septics DRAIN INTO LAKE GEORGE. PS The Chinese and RPI can try and deny it all They want.

YES FOLKS The Extreme Power of the BAD PRESS

The Adirondacks Lake George Free Press

THE Pissy Shitty TRUTH EMERGES ….. Holy Cow

Just as Clifford Witham and Anita Witham worked to expose …. Seems  the  BAD  PRESS  Won the Day


  Gee Golly  WHIZ Maybe the US Marshals and State Police Detectives will put this in My Files

All those Flushings of the Lake Exposed 
 And the Lake Flushing is real as well … time to admit to the LAKE FLUSHINGS

Study: More than half the septic systems along Lake George … › news › 2018/12

Study: More than half the septic systems along Lake George are bad. Local News. Dec 12, 2018. GWENDOLYN CRAIG. The Post-Star …

SEE  Poisoning Lake George  FLUSHING Lake Champlain
BAD PRESS WOW  That’s  Horrible
Now lets admit to the  LAKE FLUSHINGS  

About 6,000 homes and businesses around the lake rely on septic systems. About 4,000 of those systems are at risk of contaminating the lake because they are old or neglected, according to research by the nonprofit Fund for Lake George, which helped create the loan program.  

One rough estimate suggests over 200 million gallons of sewage are leaking out of septic systems near the lake each year. The lake holds 550 billion gallons of water, which people around the lake drink from.     ( NOTE  Bacteria and Viruses FLOURISH in a Lake LIKE Lake George …..  The  Petri Dish  )   Judson Wiitham

Judge Terrance W. Boyle , the US 4th Circuit and US Supreme Court can NO LONGER HIDE

Note to the Authorities of NEW YORK …. Are the Public Drinking Water Reservoirs used for dumping SEWAGE and FLUSHED like Lake George and the Great Lakes ? Maybe Sheriff Jim LaFarr of Warren County can answer this important question.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is greatlakessewage.jpg

Just a Little Sewage FILLED with Millions of VIRUSES and BACTERIA


Hey Andy and Donald Trump Ya’ll FULL OF SHIT



Drinking contaminated groundwater can have serious health effects. Diseases such as hepatitis and dysentery may be caused by contamination from septic tank waste. Poisoning may be caused by toxins that have leached into well water supplies. Wildlife can also be harmed by contaminated groundwater. Other long term effects such as certain types of cancer may also result from exposure to polluted water.


  • Storage TanksMay contain gasoline, oil, chemicals, or other types of liquids and they can either be above or below ground. There are estimated to be over 10 million storage tanks buried in the United States and over time the tanks can corrode, crack and develop leaks. If the contaminants leak out and get into the groundwater, serious contamination can occur.
  • Septic SystemsOnsite wastewater disposal systems used by homes, offices or other buildings that are not connected to a city sewer system. Septic systems are designed to slowly drain away human waste underground at a slow, harmless rate. An improperly designed, located, constructed, or maintained septic system can leak bacteria, viruses, household chemicals, and other contaminants into the groundwater causing serious problems.
  • Uncontrolled Hazardous WasteIn the U.S. today, there are thought to be over 20,000 known abandoned and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and the numbers grow every year. Hazardous waste sites can lead to groundwater contamination if there are barrels or other containers laying around that are full of hazardous materials. If there is a leak, these contaminants can eventually make their way down through the soil and into the groundwater.
  • LandfillsLandfills are the places that our garbage is taken to be buried. Landfills are supposed to have a protective bottom layer to prevent contaminants from getting into the water. However, if there is no layer or it is cracked, contaminants from the landfill (car battery acid, paint, household cleaners, etc.) can make their way down into the groundwater.
  • Chemicals and Road SaltsThe widespread use of chemicals and road salts is another source of potential groundwater contamination. Chemicals include products used on lawns and farm fields to kill weeds and insects and to fertilize plants, and other products used in homes and businesses. When it rains, these chemicals can seep into the ground and eventually into the water. Road salts are used in the wintertime to put melt ice on roads to keep cars from sliding around. When the ice melts, the salt gets washed off the roads and eventually ends up in the water.
  • Atmospheric ContaminantsSince groundwater is part of the hydrologic cycle, contaminants in other parts of the cycle, such as the atmosphere or bodies of surface water, can eventually be transferred into our groundwater supplies.


LETS SEE THE DEATH AND INFECTIONS all in the areas of VAST Sewage Dumpings

Glens Falls sewage and stormwater overflows into Hudson River during thunderstorm

  • Jun 29, 2016

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Judson Witham

Judson Witham Jul 2, 2016 3:29pm

A FACT is the Hudson Above Fort Edward has been a VAST MESS for DECADES. International Paper, Finch Pruyn, Glens Falls Sewage, Glens Falls Cement, Hercules, Imperial , Union Paper and Bag and Hudson Falls Sewage and on and on. The HUDSON is like New York Politics and the Lake Champlain …… Full of CHIT.
patcher Jun 30, 2016 11:33am

And all we hear is the pollution from gas,oil, cows and natural gas is causing climate change – what a crocknewshound1 Jun 30, 2016 4:42am

crazy that this is legal.pfenton Jun 30, 2016 12:12pm

Better than having it in your basement!


Lake George QUEEN Of America’s LEACHATE LAKES



WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT with the biggest Corporations and the general public allowed to spew Sewage all over America ?

Just a Little Sewage FILLED with Millions of VIRUSES and BACTERIA

Given what little is known about how the new coronavirus might be transmitted in our i
ntegrated water systems, additional research is desperately needed About this website THEGLOBEANDMAIL.COM Opinion: To understand coronavirus transmission, we have to understand our wastewater Given what little is known about how the new coronavirus might be transmitted in our integrated water systems, additional research is desperately needed



New York City Sewage

URINE and FECAL Testing for Infectious Disease

The Banksters and Realtors, STATE TAX COLLECTORS spew Sewage all over New York for Big Revenues and Big Profits …. The Rivers and Great Lakes THE GROUND WATER all Poisoned for PROFITS

Dear Warren County, Town of Queensbury, Town of Bolton, Town of Lake George, Ticonderoga, Hague, East Side Lake George …..

The NEVER ENDING SAGA os New York’s Toilet Flushing of Lakes and Rivers


NOTE …. Judge Bartlett and Robert Stewart’s Law Firm are representing the STATE OF NEW YORK and LGPC …. The Lake George Park Commission that controls the Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down ICE AND SNOW during Lake Flushes on Lake George. Bartlett and Stewart with the State are the PRICKS that Stole My Family’s Lands at Harris Bay on Lake George and YES I Said the MoFos that Screwed My Parents.

They Need to  FLUSH  MORE   Like  Lake  George Gets  FLUSHED LESS   TALKING    MORE  FLUSHINGBinational Meeting of the Lake Erie Millennium Network, 125 scientists gathered at the University of Windsor in Ontario to hear experts weigh-in on the health of the southernmost, warmest and shallowest of the Great Lakes.

GREATLAKESNOW.ORG Great Lakes Scientist says, “If We Lose The EPA, We Lose Lake Erie” –

A Note to Lake George and New York State <—<<<

Hmmm Maybe they need to STOP all the Sewage and Leachate from DRAINING Into The Lake and Come Clean on the Lake Flushings…0.0..8412…0.0..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz.Q_pZQFMOUZU&ved=0ahUKEwi5jsP2p5_oAhVoh-AKHZThBVUQ4dUDCAs

Vast Flushing of Lake George and the Poop Chute River in Ticonderoga make for wonderfully Bacteria and Virus Laden Waters ….. The SEPTIC SYSTEMS OF LAKE GEORGE Exposed

Gov. Cuomo says New York has most coronavirus cases in US as new cases jump 30% overnight to 421 Cuomo said his own daughter is under “precautionary” quarantine after she was possibly exposed to the virus.


They Need to  FLUSH  MORE   Like  Lake  George Gets  FLUSHED LESS   TALKING    MORE  FLUSHING Binational Meeting of the Lake Erie Millennium Network, 125 scientists gathered at the University of Windsor in Ontario to hear experts weigh-in on the health of the southernmost, warmest and shallowest of the Great Lakes.

GREATLAKESNOW.ORG Great Lakes Scientist says, “If We Lose The EPA, We Lose Lake Erie” –


DAVID WICK and the Lake George Park Commission are the LAKE FLUSHERS

Hmmm Maybe they need to STOP all the Sewage and Leachate from DRAINING Into The Lake and Come Clean on the Lake Flushings…

Lake George Coronavirus - Google Search

Lake George Coronavirus – Google Search

The Saint Lawrence River is a HUGE Open Sewer just like the Hudson River

The HUGE North Country SEWAGE FEST Viruses Galore


Does SEWAGE LEACHATE Spread VIRUSES ….. What Says Basil Seggos and Governor Cuomo ?

Andy Cuomo ,  Basil Seggos , DAVE WICK


Does  Sewage Leachate  Carry Flu and Strep and Coronavirus

This SHITTY STORY is dedicated to the Lake George Park Commission, New York State Governor Andy Cuomo and Lake George Warriors EVERYWHERE …. Let’s Examine Petri Dish Mill Pond THE LAKE GEORGE LAKE OF LEACHATE

The Lake George Park Commission and the New York State DEC are Completely BOGHT AND PAID FOR and Extreme Sophists … David Wick YOU ARE THE Toilet Lake Flusher

Lake Flushing to DILUTE THE POLLUTION for the Solution ….. More Hydro Electric Horsepower to SPIN thos Money Making Turbines ….. PONDED WATER Allows Lake and River Flushing and Makes the BIG BUCKS for the 1 %

High Water ( Ponding Back Water ) means HIGHER PROFITS ….. The End…0.0..28806…0.0..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz.l5dv99XV64c&ved=0ahUKEwj8js-r9o_oAhULXM0KHY74CJkQ4dUDCAs




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So FACTS  are  STUBBORN   Things  ……   How  Many  VIRUSES  are Flushed from Lake George  DOWN the Poop Chute River to Champlain and then to the Saint Lawrence  ?    THE  POOP CHUTE  RIVER  is  a  FACT


NOW  God  Knows  I worked for the  Frank Bushes,  Dean Howlands,  Oliff  Ronnie,  John Mathews, Scotty McLaughlin  and Northern Homes  …..  and  many many many OTHERS  and Understand  BED ROCK   and  BROWN  FIELDS. I am CERTAIN    FUND for Lake George  Attorney  TOM WEST  understands along with Governor  Cuomo and  DEC Director  Basil  Seggos  …..   LAKE  GEORGE HAS  TONS  OF  BROWN FIELDS   

DAVID WICK LGPC Flush the Toilet Lake NEW YORK’s TOILET LAKES Andy Cuomo NYS DEC Coronavirus LAKE GEORGE…YOUTUBE.COMThe PETRI CORONAVIRUS Lake George Lake Champlain the Great Lakes

Andy Cuomo NYS DEC Coronavirus LAKE GEORGE   
Attachments area Preview YouTube video The PETRI CORONAVIRUS Lake George Lake Champlain the Great LakesThe PETRI CORONAVIRUS Lake George Lake Champlain the Great Lakes

DEAR NYS DEC , Governor Cuomo, David Wick LGPC the FACTS are Well Known

FOIL and FOIA Demand to OPEN ALL THE STATES and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’s Files and Records

Milking the MILL POND Lake George NY | The Adirondacks … › milking-the-mill-pond-lak…

Aug 11, 2017 – Operating The Mill Pond to MAXIMIZE the Days of Water that can drain … The Great TOILET LAKES Flushing Crapper, Flushing the Toilet Rivers too … LAKE GEORGE AND LAKE CHAMPLAIN ARE TOILET LAKES LIKE THE …

Drainage Basin Committee Report for the Lower Great Lakes … › booksUnited States. Water Resources Committee – 1937 – ‎Champlain, Lake Lake George Outlet, draining an area of 262 square miles, empties into Lake … horsepower, used in the operation of a group of paper mills at Ticonderoga. … In addition to the three Saranac Lakes, there are many smaller lakes and ponds and …

Lake George NY Hide the Pee and Hide the Pooh To | The … › …

JUST LIKE THE HUDSON RIVER …. a Big Open SEWER … The Amazing Part is All the Money the MILL POND makes for New York State and the Investor Class … Billions of Gallons of Sewage in Lake Erie: Ohio Trails the Great Lakes …


New York State DEC and the Lake George Park Commission MUST COME CLEAN on the FLUSHINGS of the Poop Chute River, The Great Lakes, The Hudson and Saint Lawrence and yes THE DILLUTION OF THE POLLUTION In Lake George New York the GIANT PETRI DISH


As the New Virus Spreads, Some Important Things to Remember

TOPICS:BioweaponsCoronavirusCovid-19Janet Phelan

MARCH 6, 2020

By Janet Phelan

We’ve been expecting the Big One for some time now. As far as pandemics go, the Big One has been alluded to by as far flung entities as The Guardian, the UN Secretary General and the former head of the WMD Center in DC.

With the spread of Covid-19, the worry beads are again out and being publicly aired. Cases of the coronavirus have exceeded 100,000 and new cases are popping up across the globe. Over 3400 people have died.  Schools and government buildings are being shut down and the financial impact is already of concern.

So it seems an appropriate moment to revisit what we know about the secrecy surrounding biological weapons and a rather nasty agenda that has reared up concerning them. The US has been nailed as having a covert delivery system, at least one, involving its dedicated reconfiguration of water systems, countrywide, which could easily facilitate the delivery of a pandemic agent to pre-selected targets.

Embedded in Section 817 of the USA Patriot Act is a legalism which grants the US government immunity from violating its own biological weapons legislation.  Equally, there is no international mechanism which would give any level of protection should a state party launch a biological weapons attack. The international accord known as the Biological Weapons Convention, which came into force in 1975, lacks any verification mechanism or any protocol for dealing with violators. Efforts by a group with the BWC to present such a protocol to the Convention at large were boycotted in 2001 by the US delegation, led by John Bolton.

There are also concerns in many sectors that vaccines could potentially be used as a delivery system. Indeed, this reporter has stated in previous articles that a black project already exists involving “doppelganger” pharmaceuticals, pills which might look just like the antibiotic or antifungal or antidepressant that you may have become accustomed to taking. However, the impostor or doppelganger will result in heart failure and death.

It is not known if the current President, with all his proclivities as a renegade, would indeed deploy the pandemic through available means. Certainly, when he signed CISA in 2018, it did not bode well.  In doing so, Trump provided more layers of secrecy to an already secret and potentially deadly system. He had a golden opportunity to denounce this as a Deep State project but he did not.

Increasingly, Americans realize that they are pretty much on their own. Betrayal and lies by government have become the norm rather than the exception. So while we are glued to our screens and wondering if Covid-19 is lurking outside our door, it would behoove us to remember that water can also be a delivery system and to take appropriate steps to protect ourselves.


Poisoning Lake George – The Flooding Toxins and Sewage …

The Poisoning of Lake Andia’Ta’Roc’Te and Lake Champlain ….. I believe Lake George Central Schools certainly should employ the lessons contained herein in teaching a full, accurate and complete History and Current Events to ALL Students that become WARRIORS.

Toxics in Lake Champlain and its watershed

The flesh of many fish in Lake Champlain contains toxic chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or mercuryToxins may originate far from Lake Champlain, fall into the watershed with precipitation, and then pass through the food chain reaching their highest levels in fish that eat other fish.

Images of Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes

Image result for Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes
Image result for Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes
Image result for Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes
Image result for Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes
Image result for Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes

See allSee more images of Poison Lake Champlain SEWAGE Great Lakes

Lake Champlain | An Introduction to the Issues and the …

Toxics are of concern in the lake. Although Lake Champlain has not been studied as extensively as the near-shore areas of the Great Lakes, elevated levels of certain toxic substances have been found near urbanized areas such as BurlingtonVermont, and Plattsburgh and Ticonderoga, New York.

Poison Lake | Exploring Lassen County’s Past

Mar 27, 2015 · Poison Lake, 1916. A shallow lake, along Highway 44, with water that was found to be unfit to drink by the emigrants on the Lassen Trail. The travelers also found that Lassen’s Trail was not “fit” for travel either.

No-Discharge Zones (NDZs) by State | Vessels, Marinas and …

These tables list states where the current no-discharge zones (NDZs) for vessel sewage are located. The tables also include the names of the waterbodies, the type of designation, a link to the Federal Register Notice describing the action and a clickable map.

Lake George NY Hide the Pee and Hide the Pooh To | The …

The Adirondacks Conspiracy . Search. Primary Menu Skip to content. … Lake George Lake Champlain SEWAGE and TOXINS Galore; Lake George Leachate The Faked Lake George Records; … We obtained data on CSO outfalls for US cities within 10 km of the Great Lakes from an EPA report. 1 …

Lake George The Queen of America’s Polluted Lakes – Posts …;

700,000 gallons of sewage dumped into Lake Champlain                 This past weekend nearly 700,000 gallons of partially treated sewage was released into Lake Champlain and city officials are calling it a biological error Lake George The Queen of America’s Polluted Lakes shared a post. August 17, 2018 ·

Lake Look – The Sixth Great Lake – Lake Champlain Committee

Mar 02, 2017 · When defining a Basin, like the Lake Champlain Basin or the Great Lakes Basin, it’s as if one is attempting to define the largest doll. Within the Lake Champlain Basin lie the smaller dolls of the Saranac River Basin, the Winooski River Basin, the Ausable River Basin, and many others.

Great Lakes – Wikipedia

As of 2007, four car ferry services cross the Great Lakes, two on Lake Michigan: a steamer from Ludington, Michigan, to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and a high speed catamaran from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan, one on Lake Erie: a boat from Kingsville, Ontario, or Leamington, Ontario, to Pelee Island, Ontario, then onto Sandusky, Ohio, and one on Lake Huron: the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun runs …

  • Source: EPA
  • Notes: The area of each rectangle is proportionate to the volume of each lake. All measurements at Low Water Datum.

It’s not a Great Lake, but Vermont’s Lake Champlain has …;

May 25, 2015 · It was in the 1998 reauthorization of the federal Sea Grant Program that Vermont U.S. SenPatrick Leahy included a line that formally named Lake Champlain as the sixth Great Lake alongside the much larger lakes of Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Adirondack Legal History: The Lake George Trespass Case;

Jul 02, 2013 · According to Judson Witham ( see his letter above)…the state of New York turned a blind eye to the destruction of docks and a marina in Lake George, allowing the International Paper Company to flush contaminated water from the dam at the northern tip of Lake George, in the winter, and into Lake Champlain, causing the water levels to drop precipitously and damaging docks.

Yearly Flushing of Lake George, NY … WINTER TIME LAKE …

The Murder of Lake Champlain begins with the Flushing Operations on Lake George DILUTION IS THE SOLUTION TO VAST PROFITS Pumping and Dumping Lake George for Billions Far More Than Plausible Inference ENJOY all the Lake George FLUSHING Facts The REALLY Amazing thing is Dilution as a Solution to Pollution has been happening on Lake

Lake George New York – Weebly

Lake George Sewage Flushing – Page Profile – Spreely Lake George Sewage Flushing – Page Profile – SpreelyThe Massive Poisoning of Lake George and Lake Champlain This is the page view page., The Social Net… Judson Witham Legacy Trust Media The Swamp Fox News The Lake George Adirondacks Free Press

Artificial Lake George N.Y. – The FAKE MARSHES of DEC at …

The ACTUAL HISTORY of the GREAT Lake George Flooding THE ONGOING WAR FOR THE LAKES Son of the Swamp Foxes ….. Judson B. Witham The ROYAL SCAMMERS and IMPERICAL BANKSTERS of Glens Falls, Queensbury and Warren County , NEW York – Province of New Hampshire …. The ROYAL HUSTLE of Glens Falls Jolly Ole ENGLAND …

Judson Witham | Ugly Judge

Judson Witham Construction Supervisor and Author from Lake George NY. Provided enormous amounts of information to Texas Newspapers the major television networks like the Conroe Courier, Houston Chronicle and Houston Post about LARGE SCALE Land Subdivision and Bank / …

Judson Witham – Original Whistleblower 09/15 by One Mom On …;

Sep 16, 2014 · Judson is from Lake George New York and attended Houston Community College. Judson has authored vast amounts of articles and has a virtual mountain of information that is pertinent to this housing mess our nation’s administration has helped perpetrate through lack of any effective action to date. Judson Witham on Facebook

Damned Truth LAKE GEORGE NY – Group Profile – Spreely

The Money Making Rackets on the Saint Lawrence River and the HYDRO DAM (The Pinhole in the Great Lakes) is the identical same SCAM and CON that has gone on on Lake George and the La Chute River since the earliest days of the KINGDOM of Great Britain and Posted by …

Lake George, famous for its clarity, is changing color …;

Lake George, famous for its clarity, is changing color … Judson Witham Oct 13, 2017 1:16pm … The Dam ” 230 ” AKA Dam “A” built by the Glens Falls Banks and the Paper Mills is used to …

Decline of Lake George – Adirondack Explorer

Decline of Lake George

Apr 19, 2012 · Recently the Adirondack Explorer, has reported on the decline of lake George pointing to shoreline and upland development and the lack of adequate land use controls by the Lake George Park Commission. The water is still clean, pure, drinkable, still oligotrophic or meso-oligotrophic and rated as AA Special. … Judson Witham says. January 1 …


SwampFox <>1:33 PM (2 minutes ago)
to Letitia.jamesLglcJohnLakegeorgeassociationEllenbravenewfilmsellen.parrdoeringFundforlakegeorgeCc:LakeGeorgelittleKathyinfoCrandalllibraryVinniejustinrsmithmollyjoedaveBrianHollieJeffAmyNewAshleyMeghanAnnetteMargaretRichardrichard, Mayor, bcc: Kim, bcc: Jacqueline, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Sarah, bcc: LakeGeorge, bcc: Judson

Dear Mr. Blais,  Mr. Joe Johns, NYS AG  Letitia James, Governor Andrew Cuomo  etc Et Al,  NEW YORK STATE  DEC, LGPC,
Re:  The  EVER GREENER  DECLINING  LAKE GEORGE and  FLUSHINGSSee Judson Witham is hardly mistaken  <—<<<


Your understanding of the Sewage in the Lake Issues is significant.  You also know that My Parents Marina was wiped out many times by THE LAKE FLUSHING  and Water Diverted to Electrical Generation by International  POWER Corporation.
I am very confident that Winter Time Lake Draw Down ( to make lots of room for FRESH WATER ) to allow large amounts of Spring Rain and Snow Pack Melt to be able to be absorbed by the  INSUFFICIENT and UNDERSIZED  Dam 230 is in so many words  LAKE FLUSHING.  

See NYS Paying Millions for Lake Front and River Front Damages.
See  Dilution is the Solution to Pollution

NOTE …..   The  Bacteria and Viruses in Lake George from Sewage and Leachate ARE WELL KNOWN to the Reading Public and the Village, Town, County and State Officials
The  56%  Way to Small Release Capacity of the  Dam 230 at Ticonderoga is  well known to THE STATE OF NEW YORK / LGPC.  David Wick and the Whole  Bartlet Pontiff Stewart and Rhodes  Law Firm  and  DEC are well aware of the  JOKE of the Release Capacity of Dam “A”.  The Damned Dam and the Lake Flushing and Power Generation has caused DECADES of Marina and Island, Shoreline Damages on Lake George. The Historical Record is  IMMENSE.    Again the Witham Family WILL NOT be Wriiten Out of Lake George History …. The History of the MILL POND

See   National Dam Safety Program. Lake George Outlet Dam … › dtic › fulltextPDFby JB Stetson – ‎1980 – ‎Related articlesNAME OF DAM – LAKE GEORGE OUTLET DAM ID# – NY 230 … damn and outline the abutmirnt, and a seccnd Akclch sh-*ing the saire information for a cross …

The FACTS are very simple ….. The  POWER COMPANIES  have been getting very rich  and the  State has been flushing the Lake for Decades ……   The Witham Family Marina was destroyed as a result many years in a row.The  DESTRUCTION PROCESS is identical to that on Lake Ontario and the Reality is  LGPC  Ranger Frank Leonbruno  a 40 year Veteran on Lake George even engaged in some of  John Apperson’s Work and Observations.

The Up and Downs of the Winter Time Ice and Snow Pack  and the DRAW DOWNS during Winter and Spring  are the precise  DESTRUCTION PROCESSES that wiped out   Clifford and Anita Witham’s  Business many years in a row.

See …..…….0…1c..64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.jywQDisZjXU

The Village and Town of Lake George with Governor Cuomo’s and Basil Seggos’s   DEC are currently handing out Millions for  IDENTICAL  Lake Front Damages on the Saint Lawrence and Lake Ontario etc etc.   Clifford and Anita Witham and Family really need to be compensated as much as any current property owner is being PAID by the State of New York for such Lake Front Property Damages on the Great Lakes or The Saint Lawrence River.

The Village and Town of Lake George is well aware of the Shoreline, Dock, Island and Marina Damages that have occurred for decades on Lake George.  David Wick, Joe Johns, Frank Leonbruno, John Apperson, Ellen Brown Apperson, Roger Smith, Andrew Cuomo,   New York State Attorney General Letitia James , Albany Times Union, Troy Record, Lake George Mirror, Post Star, Adirondack Almanac , NEW YORK TIMES  and the Judicial Records of Lake George are all well aware of the  Ups and Downs of Ice and Snow on Lake George associated with  LGPC, State Conservation Commission and DEC’s  Lake Level PUMPING for Winter Time Draw Downs.

This  FOIL demand on Your Office requestes that all records and files of the Town and Village of Lake George that reflect Dock, Boat House and Shore Line Damage including Costs, Expenses and Permit records associated with the Damages caused, as well as  Sewage and Leachate  Issues into Lake George be produced.   ALL  Lake Flushing or Draw Down information is also requested.

In closing  Clifford and Anita Witham and the Witham Family  WILL NOT BE WRITTEN OUT of Lake George History …..  The Issues written about by Frank Leonbrunbo, John Apperson and so many others reveal  LAKE GEORGE WARRIOR Judson Witham is  SPOT ON.

Like the damages by the Moses Sanders Dam on Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River …. The  Damned Dam 230 Operations, Power Generation on the MILL POND and LGPC Ranger Leonbruno’s  Writings reveal,  the UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN   Ice Sheet and Snow Pack  coupled with the  FARCE of  Damned Dam 230 and the  POWER COMPANY’s  Electrical Generation is very well known to  Lake George Association,  FUND For Lake George, The Park Commission and huge numbers of witnesses LIKE  Lake George Village and the Town.  Warren County, Queensbury, Bolton, Essex and Washington County ……   SAME THING.

In summation  The Damages Payments from State of New York for Property Damages on Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence are due to the Witham Family.   Lake George Town and Village records in this regard are demanded per FOIL to see to it that New York State   RETURN the WITHAM Properties on the East Side and or  PAY FOR THE DAMAGES …. The Conservation Commission and the Damned Dam 230 Operations of Lake Flushing and Power Generation Caused.

The Town and Village are well aware of these matters as is Town of Queensbury and Warren County with DEC and LGPC.  FOIL requires all the State’s Records be produced.

Thank You

Judson Witham

Andy Cuomo’s and Basil Seggos’s GIANT TURDS and CORONAVIRUS Lake George Exposed…/Isacc WithamMarch 14 at 5:28 AM · 

Andy Cuomo’s and Basil Seggos’s GIANT TURDS and CORONAVIRUS Lake George Exposed…/

The SEWAGE MAFIAS EXPOSEDDear Warren County, Town of Queensbury, Town of Bolton, Town of Lake George, Ticonderoga, Hague, East Side Lake George ….. Does SEWAGE LEACHATE Spread VIRUSES ….. What Says Basil Seggos…ADIRONDACKSLAKEGEORGEFREEPRESS.WORDPRESS.COMCORONAVIRUS America’s Toilet Lakes and Toilet RiversDear Warren County, Town of Queensbury, Town of Bolton, Town of Lake George, Ticonderoga, Hague, East Side Lake George ….. Does SEWAGE LEACHATE Spread VIRUSES ….. What Says Basil Seggos…

It was INVENTED on Lake George and Lake Champlain…/Exactly Just Like Mill Pond Lake George THE ACTUAL FACTUAL TRUE TO LIFE ACCOUNT It should be noted that the destructive effects of the Moses Sanders Dam on the Saint Lawrence River employing the ex…ADIRONDACKSLAKEGEORGEFREEPRESS.WORDPRESS.COMGreat Lakes are MILL PONDSExactly Just Like Mill Pond Lake George THE ACTUAL FACTUAL TRUE TO LIFE ACCOUNT It should be noted that the destructive effects of the Moses Sanders Dam on the Saint Lawrence River employing the ex…

Lake George resorts worry coronavirus will disrupt summer … › business › article › Lake-George-resorts-worr…

Mar 6, 2020 – LAKE GEORGE — More than a thousand students from dozens of countries leave home each…
Coronavirus Update March 11, 2020 – Lake George Central … › site

5 days ago – While the Lake George Central School District DOES NOT HAVE a confirmed case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in our schools currently, we want …
Coronavirus Closings & Cancellations in the North › Home › Community

3 days ago – We rounded up cancellations and closings in the Lake George, Glens Falls, and Adirondack regions with regard to the Coronavirus. See below …
Lake George tourism industry may be impacted by … › news › local › lake-george-tourism-industry-may-be-imp…
Lake George tourism industry may be impacted by coronavirus due to travel restrictions. Eric Anderson Times Union; Mar 7, 2020; Mar 7, 2020; 2 · SALE!
Coronavirus: Fast moving, rarely deadly | News, Sports, Jobs … › news › local-news › 2020/03

6 days ago – SARANAC LAKE — Adirondack Health Medical Director of Infectious … Diana Christensen agrees the novel coronavirus should be taken seriously, but s. … Locally, Lake Placid is an international travel destination for athletes, …
Coronavirus Update | Great Escape – Six › greatescape › plan-your-visit › coronavirus-update
Coronavirus-related news for Six Flags Over Texas. … Lake George, New York … A Note To Our Guests About the Coronavirus from CEO Mike Spanos.
Lake George-area business leaders worry about impact of … › warren-county-ny-news › lake-george-area-business-lead…

Mar 2, 2020 – Lake George-area business leaders worry about impact of Coronavirus on foreign worker program. Mark Mulholland Updated: March 02, 2020 …

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Grant awarded for Lake George sewage treatment plant | › news › local › grant-awarded-for-lake-george-sewa…

Jul 25, 2019 – The sewage problems that closed down Lake George’s Million Dollar Beach several times in recent years may soon be just a memory. … Chuck Schumer announced a half million dollar federal grant to upgrade the village’s sewage treatment plant. While there were not closures last year …
State orders Lake George to build new wastewater treatment … › news › local › wastewater-treatment-plant-lake-geo…

Apr 16, 2019 – The village of Lake George is under consent order by the DEC to build a new wastewater treatment plant. … Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky says the wastewater treatment plant discharges onto sand beds instead of into any body of water. But he says through testing for decades …
Lake George Receives State Funding for Wastewater › nys › capital-region › news › 2020/01/14

Jan 13, 2020 – CORONAVIRUSGet updates from New York and beyond on the virus. … Lake George Receives Additional State Funding for Wastewater … SHARE. A popular Adirondack lake is getting some help to fight harmful algal blooms.
$500K in federal funding announced to update Lake George … › news › local-news › 500k-in-federal-funding-an…

Jul 25, 2019 – $500K in federal funding announced to update Lake George sewage … LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Thousands of dollars in federal … How local nursing homes are protecting patients and workers from Coronavirus.
Cuomo announces $9.4 million toward Lake George … › news › cuomo-announces-9-4-million-toward-la…

Posted: Jan 6, 2020 / 01:10 PM EST / Updated: Jan 7, 2020 / 09:55 AM EST. Aging wastewater treatment plant threatens quality of Lake George. AddThis …
Village gets federal help with aging sewage plant fouling Lake … › article › 2019/07/25 › village-gets-federal-help-wit…

Jul 25, 2019 – LAKE GEORGE — The village of Lake George will receive a $500,000 federal grant to help upgrade its aging sewage treatment plant, which is …You’ve visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 1/21/20
Lake George to receive state funding for wastewater treatment … › article › 2020/01/05 › lake-george-to-receive-state…

Jan 5, 2020 – The upgraded wastewater treatment plant will enhance Lake George’s water quality and continue the Village’s efforts to reduce nutrient pollution …
Lake George scrambles for funding for $24 million wastewater … › news › story › lake-george-scra…

Jul 31, 2019 – The Federal government has agreed to help Lake George build a new wastewater treatment center. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik made the …
State awards $9.4 million to replace Lake George wastewater … › news › local-news › 2020/01

Jan 6, 2020 – LAKE GEORGE — The governor’s office announced additional funding to the tune of $9.4 million on Sunday to help replace the village of Lake …
Cuomo: $9.4m for Lake George wastewater plant – Times › news › article › Governor-creates-proposal-to…

Jan 4, 2020 – LAKE GEORGE — An infusion of state funds would translate into a cleaner Lake George under another of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s State of the …

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