CFPB Unconstitutional Lawlessness FHA HUD as well

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The NEVER ENDING LOOTING OF AMERICA’s and the World’s Banking Systems the Never Ending Lootings and Cover Ups

NOTE: An Agency created in 2010 as a result of the Financial Crises due to the Securitization of Mortgages which was given a mission “To Protect Consumers from Predatory banking Institutions Now Has Flipped and is Protecting Banks and Prosecuting Those That Threaten the Banks Financial Interests by empowering the people with Financial Data Showing Them They Were Defrauded Trillions of Dollars!!! This Agency Serves No Purpose anymore as they have failed to put 1 Bank Executive in Jail!!!! And their Enforcement Action are a joke!! Even Their own Director Now Admits The CFPB is Unconstituitional. Andrew Lehman CFLA

Dear Mr. Andrew Lehman,

Justices SCOTUS,

Judges Federal Court, Central District of California,

Mr. Raynell D. Lazier FOIA Manager

Greetings to All,

I want the  Judges of the  SCOTUS  and  the  Federal District Court in California to EXPLAIN  the  Silence and  Stonewalling of  CFPB  HUD and FHA regarding REFUSING to Cooperate in FOIA demands.

Take Down The Consumer Finance Protection Board

I have sent FOIA many demands ( at least 8 of them ) to the CFPB HUD and FHA to determine What Investigation Methods They employ to Validate the Authenticity and Lawfulness of the Notes, Mortgages or Financing Instruments etc etc that are at the heart of this MASSIVE FINANCIAL DEBACLE.     CFPB HUD FHA refuse to provide even a SCINTILLA of the Records and Files that reveal WHAT Methods and What People are employed to INVESTIGATE these matters. CFPB HUD FHA apparently like to VIOLATE FOIA and Refuse to provide any information on the Methods and Practices, the Technologies implemented to ABSTRACT THESE CONTRACTS, RECORDINGS, FILINGS and examine the Millions of Such for LAWFULNESS and Genuineness. WHAT IS OBVIOUS is They are Violating the Letter and Spirit of the FOIA.

Obviously the  Real Estate  Racketeering and Money Laundering FAKED DOCUMENTS and  BOGUS  Assignments, Mail Frauds, Extortions and Court Frauds involved herein are MASSIVE.…0.0..3392…0.0..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz.mDnI8uhzQwI&ved=0ahUKEwjNroP8mMTlAhUjWN8KHW10APIQ4dUDCAs

The TRLLIONS in Frauds and Damages  STAGGER THE MIND

The IMMENSE HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL Realty and Financial Frauds is MIND BLOWING the methods to Forensically Examine these matters and the Contractors, Software and Protocols employed to Investigate these matters IS BEING DEMANDED. The Information sought has many times previously supplied to CFPB FHA HUD FBI and the DOJ, SEC and many others.

As a Title Abstractor I know the Legitimacy of the Standing , Authenticity of the Agreements and the Recordings and Claims of Ownership which MUST ALL BE ABSTRACTED and VERIFIED ….. CFPB HUD FHA DOJ all refuse to obey FOIA and reveal the Forensics They Do.  

I sent many FOIA Demands to Them for Records Files and Information which reveals how They Scrutinize Validate and Verify whether Mortgages and Notes Loans are lawful and proper. CFPB HUD FHA FBI DOJ habe all refused to reveal what FORENSIC AUDITING They Do and How said is done.  

The  UNCONSTITUTIONAL  and  UNLAWFUL  Conduct of  CFPB  HUD  and  FHA  to reveal How These Matters are Verified, Validated, Examined for Lawfulness / Lawlessness  Authenticity, Validity  has many many Records and Files that reveal the information.  WHY  CFPB  HUD  AND  FHA  refuse to obey  FOIA  is  a  Very Very Very BIG MATTER of Their  Legitimacy.


CFPB  HUD  FHA  Really need to explain to the  SCOTUS  and  the  California  District Court Judges.

Judson Witham

Research Team

For Further Clarification and Details regarding the GRAND FINANCIAL AND REALTY RACKETEERING in America and around the World please research all of the following.





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Greetings  to  ALL,

Yes the HOUSTON TEXAS ,  SOUTHWEST  Days of  Realty and Banksters   GONE WILD.

Back in 19822 and 1983 and on and on through the 80s and 90s   THIS Whistle Blower was   TREATED LIKE TRASH  by the  Authorities of  HUD  FHA   DOJ  and  FBI  etc.    FACT IS VERY VERY SIMPLE  …..   The  immense Land Swindles  and Banking that were exposed by Myself  were 100%  FACTUAL.    See   Lots Of Indictments for Historical Perspective

The Problem seemed to stem from the  BUSH / CLINTON /  CHARLIE WILSON / JOANNA  KING  Et Al   Operations being carried out from the Houstonian Estates and Many  TEXAS and LOUISIANA  BASED   S&Ls  and  BANKS.
For some historical reference see   THE MAFIA THE CIA AND GEORGE BUSH  written by  Peter Brewton formerly of the Houston Post and the Houston Chronicle.   FACT IS VERY VERY SIMPLE  The  Historical  Materials associated wit THE GREAT TEXAS BANK JOB   and  the  RLG  Holdings  Western Bank are 100% Accurate.
What is ABUNDANTLY OBVIOUS is very very simple ….  Houston, Dallas and San Antonio  as well as the  Southwestern United States during the 1960s  1970s  1980s 1990s and even CURRENTLY   have been a  MASSIVE  HOT BED OF   Racketeering and Fraud  associated with the LOOTING OF TRILLIONS
As much as  DOJ  FBI   HUD  and  FHA  would like to SWEEP  My Work Under The Rug  …….   This  FOIA  Demand  requires   CFPB   HUD   FHA    FBI  and  the  DOJ  to  produce the  Whistle Blowing Records  associated with Myself  going back to the  1982  Period in Houston and Conroe, Texas.   SIMPLY STATED  all the  Wildcat, Ghost, Paper, Zombie, Unrecorded, Illegal as well as  COLONIAS SUBDIVISIONS  and the  CONSUMER FINANCIAL FRAUD  associated with such   IS  A  MATTER OF  US  HISTORY.

The  CORRUPT  LYING TRASH  from  Purple  Capital /  Western Banks,  RLG  Holdings  have been allowed to  RUN OFF WITH BILLIONS  and to this Day are UNTOUCHED as are HOARDS of Others that are  DIRECTLY INVOLVED.

In closing   CFPB   HUD  FHA  as well as  DOJ   FBI   know  this for  FACT  …..   JUDSON WITHAM IS  NO  BULLSHITTER  and  JUDSON WITHAM WANTS  all the  US  Governments Records to be DIVULGED  associated with the  Immense  Gargantuan  Mind Blowing   FINANCIAL  SWINDLES   Germane to and Which Appertain to this  FOIA  Demand.

Thank You Very Much


For  Historical  Accuracy and the Records of the United States  and  Congress  etc etc  PLEASE  SEE ALL THE LINKS  BELOW    (  Wesstern Banks /  RLG  Holdings ,  Purple  Capital and  COMPANY )

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