an Open Letter to Major Tulsi Gabbard

I write this Open Letter to Tulsi Gabbard as a word of advice, The Right to Keep and Bearing ARMS is as American as Apple Pie. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is an INSURANCE POLICY against Tyrannical and Oppressive Government and that is why it’s the 2nd Amendment right after the 1st Amendment. NOW lets discuss ARMS

I could go into a lengthy and scholarly discussion BUT that is not necessary. ARMS means whatever the other ARMY Has ( The End ) If You consider the ARMS RACE You discuss You will have to admit I AM CORRECT. Now for the Political Discussion.

I absolutely AGREE with You regarding the MESS known as Hillary Clinton and Her WHACKED Husband Bill. I see the Bushs, Obamas, Bidens and YES Donald Trump essentially in the same light. MAFIA Don has simply revealed his LYING CHEATING ASS and well that moves Him into the same category as the Cheneys, Bushs, Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons.

SO a brief on My Background. I have LOTS of Military in My Family and Friends, grew up between Fort William Henry and Fort Ann with the Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Edward and Saratoga and Bennington Vermont not far. Bolt Action, Pump Action, Lever Action and Semi with Fully Automatic Short and Long Guns were all developed and at one time or another WERE MILITARY ASSAULT WEAPONS. The Flintlock GRENADE LAUNCHER as well as the GRENADES, Mortars and Exploding Ordnance are all considered ARMS ( Remember the ARMS RACE You always mention ) I would add that Pike and Swivle Guns as well as Battle Cannons are all ARMS just as much as the ARMS of today’s ARMS RACE are Arms. NOW without going down a very long list of ARMS …. That ARMS RACE matter You keep discussing is MY POINT EXACTLY.

I am fully in support of MENTALLY CHALLENGED Individuals NOT getting Automatic Weapons with High Capacity Magazines and certainly NOT Violent Felons. I agree with You to a point on Background Checks and even PROPER DUE PROCESS Proceedings to disarm the CRIMINALLY INSANE. I am for OPEN and CONCEAL CARRY and as much as I hate to say it … ARMED SELF DEFENSE on a case by case basis. I am NOT NRA although I do agree to a point with GOA. This is why I write You.


If You want to WIN the Presidency You like I will have to come to terms with MANY ISSUES. The 2 nd Amendment Crowd is protected heavily by the US Supreme Court and a Plethora of , a Litany Of PRO 2nd Amendment Precedents. I would suggest STRENGTHENED enforcement of existing Laws and Yes I do agree with You on all the reasons. Government Controlled Health Care ….. To a Point and Last Minute Abortions ONLY ON DOCTORS ORDERS and NOT on Demand ( I Have to Answer to GOD )

I am at this time ENDORSING YOU for President because I think You make lots of sense ALBEIT Fall Short on a few things. LASTLY This is why I write GOOD LUCK and Yes I do Support You and Will be Voting for MAJOR TULSI GABBARD.

Judson Witham

American Free Man

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