American Serfdom American Feudalism America Subverted HOW THE MONEY MASTERS RAPED AMERICA and the WORLD

American Slavery and Feudalism YOU ALL BETTER WAKE UP ….. You All Better RESIST

Sleepy Joe wants ANOTHER 2 Trillion Helicopter ( Quantitative Easing ) Fiat Money BONANZA for His BIG CORPORATE / WALL STREET / Foreign New World Order PALS. TWO TRILLION Quantitative Easing FIAT Money HELICOPTER BUCKS.

Reserve Note Debt Slavery ….. How You ALL Became Serfs addicted to SHINPLASTER / Phoney Baloney Money

Coinage Act of 1792The Coinage Act or the Mint Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, created the United States dollar as the country’s standard unit of money, established the United States Mint, and regulated the coinage of the United States. WikipediaLong title: An Act establishing a Mint, and regulating the Coins of the United States.Enacted by:the 2nd United States Congress Statutes at Large:1 Stat. 246

Jud Witham

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Jud Witham


Jud Witham


Jud Witham

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See COINAGE ACT 1965 vs 1792

Remarks at the Signing of the Coinage Act | The American … at the Signing of the CoinageAct July 23, 1965 Distinguished Members of Congress, ladies and gentlemen: We are gathered here today for a very rare and historic occasion in our Nation’s history.

PDF Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee | Exposing the long-term … B. Johnson: Remarks at the Signing of the CoinageAct The American Presidency Project Page 1 of 2 Like ‘2.6k Tweeti 215 ELECIKNS LYNDON B. JOHNSON xxxvl President ofthe United Stars: 1963-1969 380 – Remarks at the Signing of the CoinageAct July 23, 1965 Distinguished Members ofCongress, and gentlemen:

Coinage Act of 1965 – Wikipedia CoinageAct of 1965, Pub.L. 89-81, 79 Stat. 254, enacted July 23, 1965, eliminated silver from the circulating United States dime (ten-cent piece) and quarter dollar coins. It also reduced the silver content of the half dollar from 90 percent to 40 percent; silver in the half dollar was subsequently eliminated by a 1970 law.

History & Impact of the Coinage Act of 1965 | U.S. Money … July 23, 1965, Johnson signed the CoinageAct of 1965 and their plan became law. In his remarks at the ceremonial signing of the Act, Johnson explained: “The new dimes and the new quarters will contain no silver. They will be composites, with faces of the same alloy used in our 5-cent piece that is bonded to a core of pure copper.

Coinage Act Of 1965 | Legislation | US Encyclopedia of law CoinageAct of 1965 was signed into law by President. CoinageAct of 1965 is the popular name of a piece of legislation of Congress by which it should be cited. Often acts (like the CoinageAct of 1965) are given popular or alternate names that may not be used in the Code.

LBJ Remarks on the Signing of the 1965 Immigration … Lyndon B Johnson’s remarks at the signing of the 1965 Immigration & Nationality Act.

LBJ and the Destruction of American Currency July 23, Johnson signed the CoinageAct of 1965, smashing the founders’ CoinageAct of 1792. Whereas our Founders instituted the death penalty for debasing the currency of American citizens,…

LBJ’s Silver Coin Debasement 50 Years Old | Chronicles overwhelmingly Democratic U.S. Congress enacted the CoinageAct of 1965 on July 23—50 years ago. LBJ signed it into law. Lipsky: “‘In the face of a ‘worldwide shortage of silver,’ LBJ said, ‘the only really prudent course was to reduce our dependence upon silver for making our coins.’

Legal Tender Status pertinent portion of law that applies to your question is the CoinageAct of 1965, specifically Section 31 U.S.C. 5103, entitled “Legal tender,” which states: “United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues.”

Why Did Silver Coinage End in the United States? – Silver …“If we had not done so, we would have risked chronic coin shortages in the very near future.” President Lyndon Johnson commented before Congress just prior to his signing the CoinageAct of 1965, the law which fundamentally changed the composition of America’s coinage.


CORONAVIRUS America’s Toilet Lakes and Toilet Rivers – SON … Legacy Trust Media The SwampFoxNews The Lake George Adirondacks Free Press. … The ACTUAL HISTORY of the GREAT Lake George Flooding THE ONGOING WAR FOR THE LAKES Son of the Swamp Foxes ….. Judson B. Witham The ROYAL SCAMMERS and IMPERICAL BANKSTERS of Glens Falls, Queensbury and Warren County , NEW York – Province of New …

New Page [] <> To: Cc: … JudsonWitham Legacy Trust Media The SwampFoxNews The Lake George Adirondacks Free Press The School in the Very High Mountains of Andi’Ta’Roc’Te’ …

The Swamp Fox News – Weebly 1970 The SwampFoxNews is America’s Liberty Beacon … TV Stations and many, many LOCAL NEWSPAPERS – JudsonWitham (Crazy Like The FOX) …

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EXPOSING ” The CONS – SON of the Swamp Foxes shared a link to the group: The SwampFoxNews. September 29, 2014 · [CTRL] The Great Texas Bank Job … Illegal, Unrecorded Subdivisions & COLONIAS, Whitewater, Stone Bridge Ranch, … The Rape of the Witham Family in the Texas and Federal Courts.

6,000 Leach Fields 300 Million Gallons of Sewage THE … Comes JudsonWitham, Beneficiary, Devisee of the Clifford and Anita Witham Estate and as Private Attorney General, Whistleblower in Qui Tam in the Name of the People of the United States of America and New York and says as follows……

Lake George New York – SON of the Swamp Foxes NEWS MIT and OXFORD Agree JudsonWitham KNOWS HIS SHIT Basil Seggos, Andrew Cuomo, Dan Stec, Betty Little, Charles Schumer, John Strough, FBI, DOJ and NYS Attorney General and State Police COM EON DOWN Sheriff James LaFarr, DA Carusone, the David Decker SWAMP has lots of room for EVERYONE.

PREDATORY MONEY LAUNDERING – Law for the Layman Legacy Trust Media The SwampFoxNews The Lake George Adirondacks Free Press.

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